China Adventures: Tea Tour Sale


When people see my tea, smell the leaves, taste the fresh brew, I hope that in some way it transports them to my village; I hope that through the tea I can be a good guide and a good host.Mr He.,
Tea Master, Laoshan Village

All of our tea farmer friends in China teach us that tea is a journey. Each of their teas is a beautiful expression of the craft of a single family, the spirit of a single place. To celebrate all of our latest adventures across China, we are launching a guided tour through all the regions we work with for the rest of the summer.

Each week we will be highlighting a different region; Telling its story, sharing pictures, and offering exclusive sales on the teas or tea wares that embody the region. Stay up to date through our mailer or Facebook for the latest news on each sale premier. Check back every week to stock up and save on our finest offerings.



Friday, September 6th – Thursday, September 12th

Our Tea Tour Adventure sale has taken us all across China. It is fitting for the sale to bring us back to Verdant Tea’s Tasting Room here in Minneapolis. The farmers we work with are the real masters, bringing out the best through careful tending of the land, and inspired processing. We have so much fun writing tasting notes for their teas, which evoke different fruits, flowers, spices and herbs that sometimes we want to draw attention to one element or another. This is what blending is about.

Our philosophy of blending is to start with utter respect for the base tea. We don’t hide a teas flavor with overbearing flavorings. Instead, we bring out the natural flavor of the tea through pairings with organic herbs and spices. Blending is our way of geeking out on flavor paring with tea. We build our blends from the bottom up, working to engage every part of the palate with subtle restrained flavor.

Blending is an opportunity to explore both hot and iced the tremendous spectrum of flavor that plants can evoke. In honor of this sale, we have released two new blends, the Hibiscus Berry Rose, and a beautiful White Peony based Orchard Spice, just in time for autumn. From September 6th through 12th, we are offering a 25% discount on every blend we carry. This discount makes them some of the most affordable teas we have ever sold. Take the opportunity to stock up on your favorites and save.

DID YOU KNOW? Tea Blends at Verdant Tea

The first teas people drank in world history were blended teas. Original recipes for tea were highly medicinal and often included onion, ginger, berries and even salt.

Mrs. He, our farmer friend in Laoshan Village, is a master herbalist and wild-harvester in addition to her mastery in tea farming. She comes up with incredible cure-all recipes for us whenever we visit using local herbs and roots.

Verdant Tea was started after founder David Duckler’s extended research trip to China to collect the folk stories of tea farmers and study the way that tea is picked and prepared.

Our new teahouse is a collaborative space that hosts a local cafe, a Japanese noodle and dumpling shop, a Kombucha and chai microbrewery, chocolate makers, bakers, and yoga. This spirit of fun and collaboration carries through to the way we blend tea.





WEEK ONE: Jingdezhen Teaware

From July 26th to August 1st, join us in celebrating the fine craftsmanship of Jingdezhen and save 25% on all teaware throughout the site!


WEEK TWO: Anxi Oolong

From August 2nd to August 8th, we’ll be sharing Master Zhang’s Hand Picked Tieguanyin that grows along the peaks near Daping Village at 1000 meters above sea level. Pick up all of Master Zhang’s teas and every other Anxi oolong in our collection and enjoy a 25% discount all week long.


WEEK THREE: Laoshan Village

From August 9th to August 15th, we’ll be celebrating our partnership with the He Family in Laoshan Village. All of their innovative teas, from Spring Laoshan Green and a new harvest of Laoshan Black, to the brand new Laoshan Oolongs. Save on these fantastic teas all week, or share your favorites by sending them to a friend!

WEEK FOUR: Dragonwell Village

From August 16th to August 22nd, we’ll be exploring Dragonwell Village in Zhejiang province and Mrs. Li’s tea fields on Lion’s Peak (Shi Feng). Her fantastic Spring 2013 Dragonwell Green Tea will be on sale all week so you can try this famous and celebrated tea for yourself!

WEEK FIVE: Qianjiazhai, Mt. Ailo National Forest Reserve

From August 23rd to August 29th, we’ll be sharing teas from Master Han, who lives in Qianjiazhai in the Mt. Ailo National Forest Reserve in Yunnan. From bricks and cakes of sheng pu’er to delicately processed black tea and traditional banana-leaf wrapped shu pu’er, Master Han works to bring out the best that his trees and his land can offer. Save on all of his teas all week long and discover what Qianjiazhai has to offer!

WEEK SIX: Lincang, Yunnan

The last stop on our guided tea tour of the tea-growing regions of China will be Lincang, Yunnan. From August 30th to September 5th, we’ll be featuring our Yunnan White teas and Yunnan Black (Dian Hong), savoring the sweet rich flavors and textures that come naturally from Yunnan’s unique terroir.


BONUS WEEK: Back to Minnesota

The last stop on our journey will take us back to Verdant Tea headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. From September 6th to September 12th, we’ll be featuring all of our Alchemy Tea Blends inspired by the fine, hand-picked tea we use as the base of each blend. All week long, enjoy a discount on all of our blended teas!