Our Spring 2013 China Sourcing Trip

“Join us on our tea adventures in China! From April 15th to May 3rd, we will be documenting the Spring harvest in Longjing and Anxi, picking tea with Mr. and Mrs. He in Laoshan Village, meeting new farmers, sourcing teaware and researching tea house culture and street food.

Verdant Tea is all about strengthening the connection between our farmer friends and tea lovers world-wide. In the spirit of our mission, we are making this trip to China as interactive as possible through daily adventure blog articles, videos and pictures, and interviews with farmers.

I hope that you will follow us through our mailer and social media to get the most out of this tea adventure.”

– David Duckler, Founder

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Teawares Preview & Pre-Order

Spring Tea Central

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Check here for sneak previews and pre-orders on hand-made and unique teaware sourced on our trip. Looking for something specific? Contact Us and we'll see what we can do for you!


Shop here for all of our 2013 spring teas, plus new additions to our collection. We'll airship the freshest harvests and latest finds, with select teas opening for pre-order during the trip.


Join us on the forefront of tea development as our friends in Laoshan pioneer a new kind of tea: Laoshan Oolong. Follow along with video, interviews and photo journals, then taste the result for yourself!


Tea House Research

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Spring Tea in Action!

From tea markets and tea houses to living rooms and street corners, we're using this trip to research people's favorite ways to drink tea. Check out our board of daily finds, then let us know what you think. Your favorites will help us build the concept for
Verdant Tea's first Tea Bar & Tasting Room!


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See this year's Spring harvest in action! From Tieguanyin in Anxi to fresh green teas in Dragonwell village and Laoshan, we'll be documenting Spring teas across China. Check here for clips and teasers during the trip, then watch the full-length interviews and videos after we return.


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