Help Direct Our Sourcing Process

Our goal as a business is to forge the strongest connection possible between devoted tea growers in China and those who appreciate their tea. By bringing in the freshest, highest quality harvests available through air rush shipping, and by providing photos, videos, articles and more we hope to make that connection between the tea you sip and the farmers who grow it as real as possible.

As an extension of this goal, we are seeking to strengthen your involvement in our actual sourcing process.  We are inaugurating a program by which we will seek your vote and feedback on teas we are looking to bring in.  We want to put the power to direct-source teas in your hands.  This is the first step on our path to do so.

As an experiment, we opened the decision on our next autumn alchemy blend to you.  We have unveiled the blend chosen by popular vote for purchase.  Thank you for your support and involvement! In the future, we will be able to open this process up to some traditional teas as we find them on our travels in China.