Laoshan Village: Making the Finest Green Tea in the World

Laoshan – a Taoist holy mountain where ocean mist, artesian spring water, rich soil and passionate devoted farming come together to make green tea unlike any other…

Now available for the first time outside of China!

Tea from the He Family Farm

Spring Harvest Laoshan Green

Spring Harvest Laoshan Green

This limited early-spring harvest is an unbelievably creamy tea with the sweetness of oat cereal and vanilla soy milk..Green TeaDETAILS ››

Spring Harvest Dragonwell Style Laoshan Green

Spring Harvest Dragonwell Style Laoshan Green

An incredibly crisp, commanding tea that balances the sparkling mineral notes of Dragonwell with the sugar-snap pea of Laoshan…Green TeaDETAILS ››

The He family farm is situated on the highest elevation plot on the ocean-facing slope of Laoshan.  Mr. and Mrs. He, and their daughter Qingqing farm their 15 acre plot using entirely organic methods of sustainable farming.  They plant rows of soybeans between their crops to give the insects something else to eat and to avoid using pesticides, and then mulch the soybeans at the end of the season to use as fertilizer for the soil.

Laoshan Village has never before exported tea, or even sold outside their province. We are the first to make this incredible, and limited harvest tea available outside of China.

Verdant Tea founder David Duckler had the privilege of spending almost two years living near Laoshan and getting to know the farmers while collecting tea folklore for a research project.

What makes Laoshan Green Tea the best in the world?

This is one of the most remarkable pure green teas I’ve tasted…
What a delicious journey this tea provided… think of it as an investment in good taste!LiberTeas,

  • Innovative and sustainable family farming from devoted artisans who are paid fair above-market prices for the best of their crop.
  • Tea fed from natural artesian spring water known throughout China to be some of the purest and most wholesome in the country
  • Ocean mist to naturally shade the tea leaves, protecting them from sunlight and assuring sweet and rich flavor.
  • Village-wide commitment to organic farming techniques to keep the tea healthy and fresh for years to come.
  • Our commitment to fly each new harvest to our headquarters immediately after it is picked, no matter the cost, allowing us to share the freshest green tea available.
  • A deep long lasting relationship with the farmers founded on trust and friendship. We came to them first as researchers interested in tea culture, then friends, and finally for business. The He family trusts Verdant Tea to represent their family and their village with honor, and supplies us with the best tea they have.

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