Verdant Tea is not your typical tea company.  We are a small but growing group of individuals devoted to sharing the culture of tea, and making it accessible worldwide.  Our business is founded on our unique friendships with small growers across China, and our commitment to honoring the trust these growers place in us by continually improving the way we do business.  For our full story, please read Why Verdant Tea is Different, and check out The Origins of Verdant Tea.

Exciting news! We are currently hiring for a part time front of house position at our Minneapolis Teahouse. Please learn more about our teahouse at minneapolis.verdanttea.com

Responsibilities may include:

Preparing basic food and all manner of drinks, greeting customers, taking orders, educating customers on our selection and making suggestions based on their interests, clearing tables, and cleaning both front and back of house, dishes, etc.

Extensive knowledge of tea is not required, as training is provided. We are looking for people that thrive in a social environment, work well with multitasking, and preferably have experience in food service or the cafe industry. We put the highest priority in those who show interest and passion to learn, and have the social skills to be a good host to our teahouse guests.

Submit all job related materials and inquiries to: opportunities@verdanttea.com

All materials will be carefully reviewed by our team.  We request a cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining our team and why you think you would be a great fit, as well as an attached resume detailing your past experience.
Many thanks for your interest,
David Duckler, Founder