Shipping & FAQ

You can shop securely at Verdant Tea


We take your trust as seriously as we take finding the best teas in China.  Our site is SSL secure with 256 bit encryption, and PCI compliance. Our hosting and merchant services are US-based, and all transactions will run as US transactions.

Stay in the know.  After you place an order, you will immediately receive a copy of your receipt.  When your order ships, you will get all the tracking info so that you know exactly where your tea is.


 Get direct, affordable worldwide shipping


United States, China, Hong Kong: Orders over $38 to China, USA, and Hong Kong ship free via USPS. Smaller orders ship for a flat rate of $5. Orders take about 15 business days to get to you once they ship from our headquarters in Jimo, China.

Canada, UK, Australia: Orders over $38 to Canada, the UK, and Australia also ship free via USPS. Smaller orders ship for a flat rate of $5. Smaller orders ship for a flat rate of $5. Orders take about 15-20 business days to get to you once they ship from our headquarters in Jimo, China. For faster service, we are pleased to offer 3-4 day DHL shipping for $18.

Other International: Orders over $100 ship free to the rest of the world via USPS or DHL. Smaller orders ship for an $18 flat rate. Orders take about 20-30 business days to get to you once they ship from our headquarters in Jimo, China.

While we can ship internationally to most places around the world, we are currently unable to ship to the following countries: Belarus, Ghana, Estonia, Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine. Also note that international customs duties may apply in your country, and that we do not offer refunds or compensation for additional fees you may be charged by your local customs office.


Every order ships with tracking information.


All orders of regular, in-stock items are packed and shipped within one week via USPS International in partnership with China Post.  You will receive tracking information, which will begin updating as soon as your order ships. Note that tracking while your tea moves through China post may not update in real time, but updates will start appearing regularly once the package arrives at a USPS facility.


 Every order is packed with care.


Each tea is packed and sealed at the farm, directly after picking, using resealable airtight non-reactive foil-lined pouches. We then box all of your teas to order at our headquarters in Jimo, China.  Teas are clearly labeled and each pouch contains clear and easy to follow steeping directions.  All teas are packed in sturdy, cardboard boxes with plenty of packing material to protect them on their way to your tea cup.


 Keep tasting with a free sample!


We will hand-select a sample based on your order that we think you might enjoy and pack it in with your teas. You may also request a specific sample, which we will do our best to fulfill.


 How do I place a Gift Order?


You can order items you want to ship to a gift address by opening the dropdown option with the gift icon on the right side of the ADD TO CART button. It will open a menu that lets you choose “Ship to a Gift Address” for any item.

Please note that you must select this option on every item you wish to ship to a gift address when you add it to your cart. When you add a gift item to your cart, it will be under the heading “Ship To: Gift Address”.  If your cart also contains items that are not shipping to a gift address, they will be under the heading “Ship To: Me”.

At checkout you will be asked to first enter the Gift Address, and then asked to enter your billing address or your shipping address if you are shipping additional items to yourself.

You will also be given the option of entering a Gift Message that will be included at the bottom of the gift receipt shipped to your intended recipient.

If you would like to let your gift recipient know that a gift is on way before it arrives, you can download one of our gift PDFs to print or email to your gift recipient.

You can find all of our gift PDFs are cataloged on here >>


 We work hard to make it right.


Returns: We have an immense pride in the teas our friends in China entrust to us. We work extremely hard to present them to you properly, fill every order with accuracy and care and ship it promptly. If there is ever a problem with your order, please, let us know. We will work to make it right immediately.

In the event of an error or problem with any item in your order, contact us, and we will send you a prompt replacement or refund for the item(s) in question.

Please note that any tea returned to us cannot be resold, and health regulations require us to dispose of it. Given the rarity and limited supply of most of our products, we want to avoid consigning any quantity of them to the waste bin whenever possible. For these reasons, returns based solely on a customer’s dislike of an item cannot be accepted. We always suggest trying a smaller amount of any tea before purchasing it in larger quantities.


Why do some tea wares take a little more time to fulfill and ship?


Many special tea ware items are available for special order through partnerships with artists in Yixing, Jingdezhen and Shui Ji. Because these are shipping from the artist, special order tea wares may take a couple of days to arrive in Jimo for us to pack. By special-ordering, we can offer you a much bigger and more unique selection at the best prices possible.

Any specially ordered tea ware is carefully noted as such on the product page.  Orders containing these tea wares may take an extra 5 days to process and ship.


 How do I change the address on an order?


Need your new order or tea subscription sent to a different address? Just email us, or leave us a message as soon as you can. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we will change it right away. Once an order ships from China, we do not have the ability to reroute it. If the package is marked undeliverable, it will come back to our office in Minneapolis and we will get in touch with you right away to get you your tea.


 How can I add an item to my order?


We’d be happy to add to your order. Just email us or leave a phone message and we’ll get in touch with you right away. We will send a Paypal invoice to cover any additional items ordered. If the additional items push your order over our free shipping threshold, we will credit you any shipping charges you originally paid. Make sure to let us know as soon as you can to be sure we can get your new items included before your box ships from China.


 Can I request a specific tea for my free sample?


Absolutely. If you are curious about any tea on our site, please let us know and we will do our best to get you a sample with your order. Otherwise, we will pack up a sample we think you will enjoy based on the other teas you ordered, and what we are most excited about sharing.


When will my pre-order ship?


Estimated pre-order ship dates are included on all pre-order product pages and on your order receipt. If the original estimated ship date changes for any reason, we will email you to let you know, so make sure is on your email safe list.

We ship all pre-orders as soon as the pre-order tea is picked and packed. Usually fresh picked tea takes two to three days to fully process, finish and pack, plus one more business day for us to get it shipped safely. You’ll get tracking info and a notification as soon as your order ships.


Why isn’t the USPS tracking updating?
Has my order actually been shipped?


USPS works with China Post on the Chinese side of the mail fulfillment chain. Until your package reaches its country destination, whether that is the United States or any other country, it is possible that updates from China Post aren’t being passed in real time to USPS. Don’t worry about this. Usually. you will see tracking updates within a few days of your tea arriving in your country. If you get a shipment notification, rest assured that your order has shipped, and is on its way. If you don’t receive your order within ten to twelve business days, please let us know and we will be happy to help.


Do you still sell tea blends? Where can I find Verdant Tea’s Alchemy Tea Blends?


Our previous collection of tea blends was discontinued as part of our big move to China. This made room for new traditional teas from our partner tea farmers, and may make room in the future for blends made with traditional Chinese herbs.

In the meantime, we are sharing the full recipes and ingredients for all of your favorite blends.  Please take a look, feel free to experiment and have fun creating your own tea blends!


My favorite tea is out of stock, when should I expect it back in stock?


We are working hard to keep everything in stock at all times, however sometimes weather or smaller than expected harvests can put a tea temporarily out of stock until the next harvest. We will include an estimated date that a tea will be back in stock on the product page based on advice from the grower. If you want something sooner, email us and we’ll be happy to advise you on other teas you might enjoy. You can also join our mailing list for all the most up to date info on low stock teas and new releases.


I forgot to use my coupon code / my coupon code didn’t work.


No problem! Just email us with your code and we will apply it retroactively, refunding you the difference between what you paid and your coupon or voucher discount.


Can I update or change my Tea of the Month Club membership?


You can either use the links provided in your original activation e-mail, or contact us directly to make any changes to your Tea of the Month Club members: from updating addresses and billing information, to putting your subscription on hold or canceling.

If you need to leave the club for any reason, we’re sad to see you go! Just email us and we’ll be happy to get your membership updated right away. We hope that you can join our club again soon, or pick out your favorite teas from our farmers’ collections.


Is your tea organic?


Our partner tea farmers grow their tea without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Every tea we source comes from regions free from air pollution, and watered with natural spring water for water table sustainability.

Our partners care for their land because they plan to pass it on to their children. Though none of our partners are large enough to afford organic certification, their techniques exceed organic industry standards. See for yourself by looking at the photos from each farm and watching the interviews with our partner farmers.

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A tea was missing from my order.
What do I do?


We are so sorry to hear that! Though we pack every order with care, we can occasionally make mistakes. Please let us know right away and we promise to make it right, and get you the tea you ordered immediately.


My favorite tea is not available on your website right now, but do you have any I could purchase?


It doesn’t hurt to ask! We share our full collection on our site, but our farmer friends may have samples or extra stock too small to offer for regular sale. We’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.


Want to learn more, or do you have a different question?

Just contact us, and we will do our best to help.