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  • Tea Strainer

    practical tea essential

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  • Gilded White Strainer

    This thin lustrous elegant strainer from De Hua combines warm gold and a subtle blue-green hue porcelain for a beautiful contrast. The fine mesh strainer can filter very small tea leaves without getting clogged.

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  • Hand Woven Handled Bamboo Strainer

    This strainer was hand-woven from bamboo. We love using these strainers because they keep up with even the fastest pour with their fine cloth strainer bottom. If they fill up, the woven bamboo sides strain equally well. Over time, they take on the color of your tea and become dark and beautiful.

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  • Hand Woven Bamboo Strainer

    We are very excited to introduce hand-woven pieces from Ye Lan Village in Yunnan. This natural strainer is a beautiful accent to a complete tea set up. The bamboo will get darker and more beautiful over time as you pour tea through the strainer.

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  • Shui Ji Jian Zhan Strainer

    This strainer was hand crafted under the supervision of Jian Zhan Master Xiong, by his son-in-law using the same clay and glazing of Shui Ji used by Song Dynasty potters. The silver oil spot glazing that naturally forms during firing is the inspiration and ancestor for all Japanese Tenmoku wares.
    Due to natural variation during firing, the beautiful patterns on each strainer will all be slightly different.

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