Site Credits

This website was designed and developed entirely by Verdant Tea staff. We are fortunate to be working with some of the most talented people around.  Besides the farmers, we want to highlight a few of the other individuals we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with to make this happen.

Sarah Knapp, Photographer
We met Sarah through a mutual interest in flavor, and in ritual, drinking tea together and sharing Chinese tea ceremony.  Sarah and Verdant’s founder David soon realized the possibility of working together to create photos of all of our teas loose and in the process of brewing to honor the work of the farmers.  In China, a tea vendor will invite you to sit down to taste everything.  Our goal was to use photography to get as close to inviting visitors to sit and try the tea.  Sarah’s photographs are meant to engage visitors, not only through close-up views of each tea, revealing the young spring down, or the vibrant shapes and colors, but also through photos of the tea in its context of ceremony.

Paper Bicycle
Designers Lindsay Nohl and Francheska Buchko first met Verdant founder David at a tea tasting.  When David was ready to think about gift packaging, which comes out for the holiday season, he sat down with Lindsay and Francesca with the goal of creating something unique, but humble.  Drawing inspiration from traditional pu’er wrappers and even illuminated manuscripts, we came up with a beautiful gift package.  Their clean design and innovative techniques are an inspiration to us as we continue to perfect our new website.

Notice:  Many creative and talented individuals have worked extremely hard to create this site and all of its content.  Pictures, video, text, layout, coding, and general design are the property of Verdant Tea. We ask that you seek written permission before using any of our site content.  Many thanks!