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Grown and picked by trusted artisan tea farming families...

Packed with care and pride in sharing the very best...

Get amazing teas every month and share in the excitement...

Connect with our farmer friends in enjoying each cup...


  • Discover unique teas from small farms
  • Explore tea's diversity of tastes
  • Get three 1 oz packages monthly
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  • Taste tea in a new way
  • Try bold and innovative tea blends
  • Get three 1 oz packages monthly
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  • Have the ultimate tasting experience
  • Subscribe and save $5 a month
  • Get six teas, 6 oz total
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Verdant Tea of the Month Club Benefits

  • Support innovative small family farming
  • No contract, no risk. Pay by the month
  • Experience never-before-exported teas
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Rigorous curation – taste the very best
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Seasonally appropriate thematic pairings
  • Expert tasting notes & brewing tips
  • Learn history, brewing tips, and more
  • Connect with small-scale tea farmers
  • Discover new teas
“The beverage equivalent of trying Haagen Dazs for the first time
after only eating Breyers.”
– Serious Eats

Featured Farmers & Sources

“One of the most singular tea import businesses in the country.”
– Heavy Table

Questions Answered

What is normally included in a monthly box?

Both Classic and Blend Clubs include 3 teas, and provide enough tea for about 30 tasting sessions each. Both clubs include an info sheet with tasting notes, brewing tips and folklore on each tea. Tea of such high quality can actually be brewed for many infusions, meaning one brewing session gets you about four cups instead of one. That means up to 120 cups of tea each month for just $30!

Where do your teas come from?

We have two devoted tea experts in who live in China, and spend each day tasting tea and building friendships with small family farmers. We give you the direct-from source transparency and unique product of a China-based company with the support, care, and speedy shipping of a US-based company. The best of both worlds!

How does shipping and payment work?

You enter your payment info at sign up with no immediate charge. U.S. subscribers get free shipping. Teas are shipped out on the scheduled billing day, or first business day threreafter, every month with tracking info. You can update your credit card or change shipping address any time before your subscription bills each month.

Can you ship outside of the United States?

Yes we can. But please note that we must apply a $8.50 monthly surcharge for memberships that require international shipping. This covers a portion of the extra shipping cost.
Want to learn more? Read our full Subscriptions FAQ CLASSIC CLUB DETAILS  |  BLEND CLUB DETAILS