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Crafted By Yu Fengdi

This hand-crafted piece by Yu Fengdi is a showstopper of an yixing pot. The piece was named by Yu Fengdi- Long Xing Tian Xia, or Dragon Descending from the Sky. The handle is shaped into an abstract dragon head, with the lid handle evoking the pearl the dragon chases. The fit of the lid is masterfully perfect and smooth. This deeply-speckled lao di cao qing ni is a stunning and rare color and pattern to come across, ready to deepen into an even more stunning piece with use. The thin delicate wall construction makes this a surprisingly light pot for its size.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Di Cao Qing Ni
  • capacity :300cc
  • width :9.5 cm
  • spout to handle :15 cm
  • height :9.5 cm
  • lid diameter :6.5 cm
  • lid height :3.5 cm
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