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Sample our most popular teas with this
special for 1st time customers only

New to Verdant? New to tea all together?

We’ll send you five 5g samples of our very favorite teas, direct sourced from our partner tea farmers across China’s tea growing regions.

We’ll also send you brewing instructions
and a bonus coupon for $5 off your next order

Ships FREE to the United States


Laoshan Green

from the He Family Collection
Laoshan Village, Shandong Province



from Master Zhang’s collection
Daping Village, Anxi, Fujian


Traditional Tieguanyin

from Master Zhang’s collection
Daping Village, Anxi, Fujian


Laoshan Black

from the He Family collection
Laoshan Village, Shandong


Qianjiazhai 2015 Loose Leaf Sheng Pu’er

from the Zhenyuan Dongsa Farmers’ Cooperative
Qianjiazhai, Mt. Ailao, Yunnan


Why did you create 5 for 5?


Five Teas for Five Dollars is a special deal just for new customers! We want to give newcomers to tea and to Verdant Tea an easy, low cost way to explore our whole collection across the full spectrum of tea styles and categories. Every one of our teas is sourced directly from our partner tea farmers in China, so we wanted to make sure and share tea from each of our partners. Once you try our friends’ work, we know you’ll want to try the other amazing teas they create each season!


What’s this about exclusive coupons?


Each Five for Five box includes sourcing information, brewing instructions and an exclusive coupon to make it easy for you to keep exploring. If you like what you taste and want to order more tea, you can get $5 back off your next order made within 30 days of receiving your tea.


Where do your teas come from?


All of our teas are hand picked, hand crafted, and hand packed by six small family farms across China.Your order is packed by our farmer partners fresh after harvest. We forward it on to you from Minneapolis, MN. We give you the direct-from source transparency and unique product of a China-based company with the lightning-fast shipping, support and care of a US-based company.


Is your tea organic or fair trade?


The small farmers we work with go far beyond industry organic standards, using innovative techniques to produce the best tea possible. The teas we share are not commodities. They are hand-crafted products with individuals behind them who can set a fair price and take pride in their land and techniques. The core of our sourcing principles lies in exceeding all existing standards for taste, environmental stewardship and ethics. Learn More…


How does your tea ship? When do I get it?


We will ship your tea using USPS and send you a tracking number. Teas ship within two business days of purchase. All teas are packed with care in light and water-proof bags made from recycled materials and ship in sturdy cardboard boxes to keep the precious leaves safe. We forward your tea on from the farmers to your doorstep from Minneapolis, MN. US orders take one to three business days once they ship. International orders take six to ten business days depending on customs.


How does loose leaf tea compare to tea bags? Is loose leaf tea easy to brew?


Loose leaf tea is almost always fresher and better tasting than tea bags. Because it doesn’t need to be processed by a machine for bagging, the leaves are whole and unbroken, and the tea is more flavorful. Fine loose leaf tea can be brewed many times, usually making it cheaper per cup than tea bags. Plus, its super easy to prepare tea with no special equipment. Learn More…


I’m an international customer. Can I still try 5 for 5?


Yes! New international customers outside of the US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are welcome to take advantage of 5 for $5. Due to the higher cost of shipping, you will be charged a flat rate to help us cover part of that cost.


Can I add more tea to my Five for $5 sample box?


If you are a new customer and want to try the 5 for 5 sample box, just complete your order for this special item first. It will always ship separately from normal orders. If you would like to try more teas in our collection right away, simply create a separate order and fill your cart with tea and accessories. You will receive order confirmation and tracking details on both orders.


Will I get an extra sample with my 5 for 5 order?


Five for Five sample boxes do not include an extra sample, but every other additional order you make will always include a free sample, just for you.