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Sample our Most Popular Loose Leaf Teas

Laoshan Black

The chocolate brownie and caramel flan notes with cinnamon-caramel aftertaste make this our most popular tea

Laoshan Green

A uniquely surprising fresh summer harvest with notes of cream, cucumber and soy

Yunnan White Jasmine

Thick and luscious silver needle white perfectly melded with jasmine scenting to create a deep, complex and satisfying brew

Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin

Master Zhang's Spring Tieguanyin is full with a balance of floral notes and creamy rice pudding flavor, apricot and daffodil

Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe

Direct-sourced from the Li Family in Wuyi, this classic roasted oolong is juicy and well-balanced with lingering caramel

This special offer is not avilable at this time. For samples sets, try our short tea quiz to find the right tea sampler for you.


New to Verdant? New to tea all together?
We'll send you five of our very favorite teas. Each 10g sample is enough for two brewing sessions, meaning ten incredible tasting experiences total.

We'll also send you tea legends, brewing tips
and a bonus coupon for $5 off another order
to start you on the path of tea discovery. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES • AVAILABLE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY •

“The beverage equivalent of trying Haagen Dazs for the first time
after only eating Breyers.”
– Serious Eats


  • Free U.S. shipping
  • 10 tasting sessions
  • Learn which tea you love best
  • $5 back on your next order


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does loose leaf tea compare to tea bags? Is loose leaf tea easy to brew?

Loose leaf tea is almost always fresher and better tasting than tea bags. Because it doesn't need to be processed by a machine for bagging, the leaves are whole and unbroken, and the tea is more flavorful. Fine loose leaf tea can be brewed many times, usually making it cheaper per cup than tea bags. Plus, its super easy to prepare tea with no special equipment. Learn More

Where do your teas come from?

We have two devoted tea experts in who live in China, and spend each day tasting tea and building friendships with small family farmers. We give you the direct-from source transparency and unique product of a China-based company with the support, care, and speedy shipping of a US-based company. The best of both worlds!

Is your tea organic or fair trade?

The small farmers we work with go far beyond industry organic standards, using innovative techniques to produce the best tea possible. Our teas are not commodities, they are hand-crafted products with individuals behind them who can set a fair price and take pride in their land and techniques. The core of our sourcing principles lies in exceeding all existing standards for taste, environmental stewardship and ethics.

How does your tea ship? When do I get it?

We will ship your tea for free using USPS and send you a tracking number. Teas always ship within one business day of purchase, and for domestic US customers, arrive 2-4 days after shipping. All teas are packed with care in light and water-proof bags made from recycled materials and ship in sturdy cardboard boxes to keep the precious leaves safe.
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