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    No Longer Available

    As part of our big move to China, this blend has been discontinued. Want to reblend this yourself? Check out the full recipe!

    An untraditional Earl Grey whose citrus brings out the best in Laoshan Black's chocolatey sweetness. . . .

    The satisfying malty and chocolatey Laoshan Black is one of our most popular and beloved teas.  We wanted to ‘reinterpret’ the flavor profile of the black tea with a citrus blend and bring out the tart notes of the tea for the summer, all while making the chocolate notes even more luscious through a counter-compliment.

    Our solution is this bergamot rose Laoshan Black.  We infuse organic orange peel with fine bergamot oil for the crisp edge we are looking for.  The rose petal provides a critical binding note in the middle with its particular cool sweetness.  The result is a well integrated blend whose citrus notes help bring out even more chocolate in the Laoshan Black.  Great hot or iced.

    ICED: An amazing treat. Sunny, refreshing, as if you could make a beverage out of a chocolate orange and rosewater. Very true to the Laoshan Black base. A delectable aftertaste.

    INGREDIENTS: Laoshan Black, organic lemon peel, organic orange peel, organic rose petals, organic bergamot

    Gift Tin Packaging example below

    Date of Picking:Late Autumn 2011

    Location of Picking:Ocean-facing slope of Laoshan Mountain in Laoshan Village, Shandong Province He Family Farm 15-20 acre plot fed by the mountain spring running down from the rock face of Laoshan.

    What Was Picked:Young leaf material with buds wilted in bamboo baskets, dried over a carefully tended wood fire and pressed flat.

    Sourcing Agent(s):David Duckler, after spending months in Laoshan Village on a tea research grant.

    Use filtered freshly boiled water.  2 teaspoons/cup of tea. 2 minute infusion.  Add 30 seconds for second infusion or to taste.

    Iced Tea (Cold Brewing)
    Use about 4 grams of tea for every 12oz of water.  Combine with room temperature water in a covered vessel and refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  Enjoy!

    Iced Tea (Flash Chilled)
    Use 1TB (5 grams) of tea in a 6-8oz vessel.  Steep for 1 minute with filtered boiled water.  Fill a martini shaker (or equivalent) with ice, then add brewed tea and shake until well-chilled (usually 10-30 seconds). Pour out through martini-shaker top over fresh ice in a new glass and serve.

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