Chocolate Phoenix Chai

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    No Longer Available

    This tea is no longer available and has been archived. There are no current plans to offer it again in the future.

    An inspired blend of Phoenix Mountain oolong and black with rich chocolatey spice accented by the sweet florals of whole vanilla bean and marigold. . . .

    After countless requests, we took up the mission of formulating the best chocolate chai in the world.  Instead of a traditional black tea base, we opted for a mix of two Mi Lan, or Honey Orchid varietal teas from the Phoenix Mountains.  The Mi Lan Oolong gives a fruity and sweet juiciness to the whole mixture, while the Mi Lan Black provides a rich caramel thickness and satisfying malty thickness.  Combined, their flavor profiles already suggest chocolate, so it was easy to pick out a light roasted organic cacao nib, and organic whole vanilla bean for blending.

    The opening flavor in this chai is that of a satisfying, freshly frothed Mexican hot chocolate.  The flavor of sweet ginger and buttery saffron follow, with cardamom for balance.  Next, the base tea itself really shines in contrast with juicy fruity bursting texture, like eating the best red grapes ever.  The sweetness does not fade, instead, it is brought out by the floral whole vanilla bean that we mix in generously.

    This chai is one of our favorite projects so far, and blends great with milk or almond milk, and honey or agave.  Iced, this one performs just as spectacularly, with more vanilla floral notes coming through.

    Using freshly-filtered boiling water, add two teaspoons of tea to a cup with brew basket, or a small teapot.  Steep for one minute in an eight ounce vessel.  Enjoy multiple infusions, increasing steep time by 20-30 seconds per infusion.

    For iced tea, use two teaspoons of leaf per cup of water.  Add leaf to the brewing vessel, fill with cool filtered water and refrigerate overnight.  Enjoy cold-brewed tea the next day.

    Feel free to add a tablespoon of milk or almond milk to a cup of this tea, and sweeten to taste for a classic chai experience.

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