Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin

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    Master Zhang’s terraced tea fields are home to some of the highest elevation Tieguanyin in Anxi. The plants grow between thickets of wild flowers and mountain springs whose water makes the tea distinctively sweet.

    Master Zhang’s Tieguanyin tea fields near Daping, Anxi

    The autumn harvests of Tieguanyin are the most anticipated of the year. Autumn tieguanyin is the richest, headiest and most intoxicating expression of Anxi that you will ever find, and the fresh November harvest is the most anticipate of the year. The dry tea smells of clover and lilac, while the wet leaf evokes watermelon candy. It’s vibrant freshness supports a confident balance of sweetgrass and melon, lilac and almond rice pudding.  These make us fall in love with modern green oolong all over again.

    Classic, well-balanced and beautiful, this early autumn harvest from Master Zhang is a stellar example of the Anxi’s modern style, and brings us right back to sharing tea on the front porch above his family’s workshop.  This autumn harvest is a tribute to the beautiful terroir of Master Zhang’s terraced fields in Daping, and to Zhang’s firm dedication to craftsmanship and land stewardship.

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    Date of Picking:November 11 2014

    Location of Picking:The mountains near Daping, two hours from the Anxi county seat, and over 1000 meters in elevation. Terraced mountain fields fed by a sweet natural spring.

    What Was Picked:Tieguanyin variety bush large leaf tea; two leaves and one bud

    Sourcing Agent(s):Master Zhang, devoted tea farmer

    Western Brewing
    Use 1T of tea in a 6-8oz cup.  Rinse leaves once with 208 degree water. Steep for 25 seconds the first infusion, and 20 seconds for each infusion after that. INcrease time after about four infusions to taste.  Enjoy at least 6 infusions.  If possible, use filtered water.  Lighter oolongs can be sensitive to very hard tap water.  Try to use a large brew basket or steep the leaves loose to allow them to fully unfurls and infuse the optimum flavor.

    Gongfu Style Brewing
    Use 5-7g of tea for a 4-5oz gaiwan.  Pour boiling water into pot and immediately pour out into pitcher.  Pour this rinse over the pot and cups used.  The rinse helps open the leaves up slightly for the first infusion.  Steep for 3-6 seconds each infusion, and enjoy at least 18 infusions.  Increase time as the tea starts to get lighter.  If you don’t have special equipment, just use pyrex cup measure, a small mug, or any vessel around 4oz.  Pour through a strainer if you have one, or use a fork to stop the leaves from pouring into your cup.

    Iced Tea (Cold Brewing)
    Use about 4 grams of tea for every 12oz of water.  Combine with room temperature water in a covered vessel and refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  Enjoy!

    Iced Tea (Flash Chilled)
    Use 1TB (5 grams) of tea in a 6-8oz vessel.  Steep for 30 seconds with filtered boiled water.  Fill a martini shaker (or equivalent) with ice, then add brewed tea and shake until well-chilled (usually 10-30 seconds). Pour out through martini-shaker top over fresh ice in a new glass and serve.

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