Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin

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    Soon To Be Available

    This popular tea is temporarily sold out because we are moving to China!

    The 2015 harvest will be available again on August 7th.

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    Full Spring Tieguanyin with a classic balance floral & cream, rich engaging texture and sweet lingering aftertaste . . .

    Master Zhang‘s terraced tea fields are home to some of the highest elevation Tieguanyin in Anxi. The plants grow between thickets of wild flowers and mountain springs whose water makes the tea distinctively sweet. Our Early Spring harvest of this tea is potent and intense. The classic spring harvest expresses a perfect Tieguanyin flavor profile with a smooth, creamy body and beautiful, engaging texture.

    Master Zhang’s Tieguanyin tea fields near Daping, Anxi

    As a leader in his farming community, Master Zhang cherishes the opportunity to share his tea outside of China and wants to honor his mountain-terraced home town by representing that classic ideal faithfully.

    The aroma of the leaves is exciting from the beginning and full of decadent hefty flavors and aromatics, starting with marzipan cake soaked in tangerine honey with its bright sweet bursts and lingering nutty aftertaste.

    Like any classic spring Tieguanyin, this tea is floral, but in a luxurious rosewater turkish delight kind of way. Subtle green notes of watercress come through as a vegetal undertone to support all the fruits and florals we are getting in our tasting. The tangerine honey flavor slowly moves more towards muscat grape. The aftertaste is nutty and sweet like amaretto liqueur infused with saffron.

    Date of Picking:May 8, Spring 2015

    Location of Picking:The mountains near Daping, two hours from the Anxi county seat, and over 1000 meters in elevation. Terraced mountain fields fed by a sweet natural spring.

    What Was Picked:Spring Tieguanyin variety bush large leaf tea

    Quantity Acquired:We acquired 15 pounds of Master Zhang's later Spring harvest

    Sourcing Agent(s):Master Zhang, devoted tea farmer

    Brewing Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin

    Western Brewing
    Use 4g of tea (1T to 2T) in 6-8oz of fresh-boiled (205°F) filtered or spring water.  Steep for 30 seconds in a brew basket or equivalent. Enjoy many infusions.  Add 10-15 seconds with each steeping, or to taste.
    Lighter oolongs can be sensitive to very hard tap water.  Try to use a large brew basket or steep the leaves loose to allow them to fully unfurls and infuse the optimum flavor.  If you can’t, don’t worry about it- good oolong is super forgiving!  We recommend doing small 8-10 oz infusions and resteeping the leaves multiple times to see how the flavors change.

    Gongfu Style Brewing (Recommended Brewing Technique)
    Use 5g of tea for a 4-5oz gaiwan or yixing clay teapot.  Pour boiling water into pot and immediately pour out into pitcher.  Pour this rinse over the pot and cups used.  The rinse helps open the leaves up slightly for the first infusion.  Steep for 3-6 seconds each infusion, and enjoy at least 18 infusions.  Increase time as the tea starts to get lighter.  If you don’t have special equipment, just use pyrex cup measure, a small mug, or any vessel around 4oz.  Pour through a strainer if you have one, or use a fork to stop the leaves from pouring into your cup.

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