Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green

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    Pre-orders are currently CLOSED on the He Family's 2014 Autumn Harvest! The 2014 harvest is on the way from Laoshan.

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    Fresh autumn harvest embodies fall in flavor, texture and aftertaste . . .

    Tasting Notes below are from last year’s 2013 Autumn Harvest

    Fresh-picked autumn harvest Laoshan Green is a perfect embodiment of autumn in flavor, texture and aftertaste. The aroma is assertive, intoxicating and enveloping. The wet leaf has a savory roundness like dark aged Taiwanese black bean paste, and roasting chestnuts.

    The bright green leaves unfurl quickly to yield a potent 1st steeping with sweet initial notes of summer corn, and an edge of dry oaked chardonnay in texture and aftertaste. The tea continues to develop with its traditional malty cereal flavor, and the chestnut aroma follows through as promised in a creamy nutty flavor.

    In later steepings the tea takes an intriguing turn towards a more Tieguanyin-like oolong flavor. The taste is reminiscent of clove-studded orange, while the body moves from creamy into crisp. This exquisite autumn harvest was sealed at the source and air shipped to us directly for the most potent fresh flavor. Enjoy liberally!

    The He family tea fields in Laoshan Village, autumn 2012

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    Date of Picking:September 6th, 2014

    Location of Picking:Ocean-facing slope of Laoshan Mountain in Laoshan Village, Shandong Province He Family Farm 15-20 acre plot fed by the mountain spring running down from the rock face of Laoshan.

    What Was Picked:Young leaf material with buds, wilted in bamboo baskets, dried over a carefully trended wood fire and curled.

    Quantity Acquired:We acquired 15lbs pounds of the first autumn picking.

    Sourcing Agent(s):David Duckler drank this tea with the He family after spending months in Laoshan Village on a tea research grant.

    Verdant Tea Founder, David Duckler, Brewing Summer Harvest Laoshan Green

    If possible, use filtered or spring water, freshly boiled.

    Western Brewing: Use 4g of tea (1T) in 6-8oz of fresh-boiled (175°F) filtered or spring water.  Steep for 30 seconds in a brew basket or equivalent. Enjoy many infusions.  Add 10-15 seconds with each steeping, or to taste

    Gongfu Brewing: Do not heat your gaiwan.  Add 4 grams of leaves for a medium gaiwan.  Use 175 degree water.  No need for a rinse.  Steep for 3 seconds.  Increase steep time after the third steeping by 3 seconds or to taste.  Enjoy at least 6 infusions.

    Laoshan Style: Cover the bottom of a tempered glass tumbler with leaves.  Pour 175 degree water along the edge of the glass so that it does not splash over the leaves, but slowly submerges them.  Drink as soon as you can handle the hot cup.  Refill with boiling water throughout the day.

    Jingshan Style: Boil water to 175 degrees, or until the smallest bubbles start rising to the surface.  Fill a tempered glass cup or teapot 2/3 full with the water.  Sprinkle 1TB of leaves per 8oz of water used in the vessel.  Swirl lightly and watch the leaves slowly unfurl and sink.  Drink right out of the cup, blowing the leaves to the side, and experience the tea first very light, and then stronger as it continues to steep.

    An Afternoon in Laoshan Village

    "Those who approach high quality tea from a business perspective first will forever have doors closed to them. Those whose relationships are based on an equal cultural exchange are welcomed...

    Tea and Hospitality

    "Through the ritual of preparing the tea, the farmers could achieve the hospitality and beauty of offering the cup without the aid of the leaf...

    Ayi Style Tea Brewing

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