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    Try a 7 gram sample of this tea, good for two western style brewing sessions, or one gong fu session in a medium (5-6oz) gaiwan.
    A heady, intoxicating oolong that evokes sandalwood incense, honeydew melon, and dark, rich spice . . .

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    Mi Lan Xiang, literally “Honey Orchid Fragrance” is a real understatement for this tea. The aroma is absolutely heady and enveloping; full of palo santo and sandalwood incense notes with a luscious fruity undertone

    The first sips are a beautiful balance between deep dark woody spice and bright bursting honeyed florals. Cinnamon sweetness and the melon-like floral notes of blue lotus fill the whole palate.

    The middle steepings are like sipping a perfect chai or thai iced tea without the cream. Accents of allspice and licorice meld with ginger and brown sugar sweetness.

    This tea is incredible in its ability to shape shift. From notes of spiced chai, the tea takes a turn towards orange blossom, vetiver, marigold and notes of spearmint, like a beautiful perfume.

    The latest steepings become rich and sweet like rhum baba cake soaked in vanilla laced rhum agricole and drizzled with caramel.

    ICED: Initial flavor of sugared grapefruit and rainier cherries, yields to a powerful and enduring honey citrus aftertaste followed by strong notes of muscat grape.

    Date of Picking:Spring 2015

    Location of Picking:Picked near Fenghuang Village, Wudong Mountain, Guangdong Province

    What Was Picked:Smaller leaf leaf from established tea trees 1000+ meters, lightly roasted.

    Quantity Acquired:This is a fifteen pound edition

    Sourcing Agent(s):Scouted by Weiwei’s friend in Guangdong that works with some of the best farmers in the region. We refer to her as “the boss.”

    Brewing Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong

    Western Brewing
    Use 4-5 g of tea per 8oz or water.  Rinse leaves once with 205 degree water.  Steep for 25-35 seconds.  Enjoy at least 5 infusions.  Filtered water and a large brew basket are ideal.  For best results, brew only 8 oz at a time instead of using a large pot or mug.

    Gongfu Style Brewing (Highly Recommended)
    Use 5g of tea for a 4-5oz yixing clay teapot or gaiwan.  As a general rule, I like to fill up my pot 1/2 full with leaves.  This makes a potent tea, and requires you to pour the infusion out almost immediately, but it yields great complexity.  Pour boiling water into pot and immediately pour out into pitcher.  Pour this rinse over the pot and cups used.  Repeat rinse a second time.  Steep for 2-4 seconds each infusion, and enjoy at least 18 infusions.

    Iced Tea (Cold Brewing)
    Use about 4 grams of tea for every 12oz of water.  Combine with room temperature water in a covered vessel and refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  Enjoy!

    Iced Tea (Flash Chilled)
    Use 1TB (5 grams) of tea in a 6-8oz vessel.  Steep for 30 seconds with filtered water at about 205 degrees.  Fill a martini shaker (or equivalent) with ice, then add brewed tea and shake until well-chilled (usually 10-30 seconds). Pour out through martini-shaker top over fresh ice in a new glass and serve.

    Tea Ceremony

    "The equipment, the gestures, and even the tea itself are all ways to bridge the everyday world with the lofty devotions of the tea disciple...

    The Role of Curation in Tea

    "Basically, the idea of curation is that at a fine museum, or an art gallery, every piece of art in an exhibit should be of high quality, and also every piece should be complimentary to the others. They need to exist together...

    True Family Farming
    Sustainably Cultivated
    Chemical Free
    Gluten Free