Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong

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    No Longer Available

    This tea is no longer available and has been archived. There are no current plans to offer it again in the future.

    A juicy sweet, luscious light-roasted oolong with notes of vanilla ice cream, honey, and banana. . . .

    New Shui Xian from the Li Family in Xingcun coming soon!

    Shui Xian is a tea shrouded in mystery -its name is either a reference to a Taoist immortal, a spirit of the water, or the narcissus flower.  This triple-meaning is fitting for the immense complexity and richness that the tea offers.

    The aroma of the leaf as boiling water is poured over it is that of steamed whole milk simmering with vanilla pods, slowly caramelizing.  The first sip is a textural sensation.  We imagine crystals of honey flavor suspended and frozen in the liquor that burst open as they melt with thick, juicy sweetness.  There is also a particularly heady plumeria flower aroma that plays on the palate with notes of perfectly ripe mangos.

    As the tea steeps out, there is a light tingling sensation left on the tongue, accompanied by the buttery sweet flavor of a fresh made waffle cone, or a merengue laced with amaretto.  Late steeping see the vanilla cream aroma come in to play again with an incredible taste of vanilla gelato with sliced banana and sprinkles of fresh ground cinnamon.

    Date of Picking:Autumn 2011

    Location of Picking:Wuyi Mountains, Fujian

    What Was Picked:High-elevation old tree Shui Xian varietal big leaf

    Quantity Acquired:This is a 14 pound edition

    Sourcing Agent(s):Wang Yanxin

    Verdant Tea Founder, David Duckler, Brewing Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong

    Use a small cup and brew basket, a gaiwan, or an yixing clay teapot.  This tea performs much better brewed in small quantities and resteeped many times.  Start with filtered freshly boiled water and use 3g-4g of tea for 4 ounces of water.  Steep for 10 seconds maximum, increasing each steeping by a second or so.

    For cold-brewed iced tea, use 2 heaping tsp per cup of room temperature filtered water, refrigerate overnight with leaves and serve super cold.  This one is excellent iced.

    What is the Story of Shui Xian

    "For days he walked, picking roots to eat along the way, sleeping by the water, and singing to himself. Deep in the mountains, where the mist was clinging to the rocky peaks, he heard another voice...

    Big Red Robe

    "As soon as the tea touched her lips, she awoke and began to regain strength. The rugged and humble flavor of the leaves reminded her of home and restored her spirits...

    One Word Tea Club Brewing

    "The amount of leaves, and the synergy of having two great yixing pots makes for a potent and stunning brew that keeps going and going...

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    This is such a delightful Oolong. The complexity here is intense! So many layers of flavor just waiting to be explored.... LiberTeas,