Sichuan Caravan

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    No Longer Available

    As part of our big move to China, this blend has been discontinued. Want to reblend this yourself? Check out the full recipe!

    A perfectly integrated blend with Master Han's '04 pu'er, elderberry and spice that spans the whole flavor spectrum. . . .

    We love pu’er for its multi-dimensional complexity. One of the most interesting and often overlooked elements of the pu’er experience is the vaguely numbing and tingling sensation that fine pu’er leaves in the aftertaste. Our goal with this blend was to highlight this textural quality of great shu pu’er, while at the same time creating a warming, rich and perfectly integrated taste experience.

    We start with a new favorite: Master Han’s 2004 Loose Leaf. Clean, warm, sweet and lovely, this cozy tea is well-balanced and inviting. We build on that richness with one of our favorite ingredients to pair with shu pu’er, dried elderberries. The dark sweetness of the elderberries brings out the natural berry qualities of the pu’er itself, and lingers on the sides of the tongue.

    Next we draw out the warm sweetness of the pu’er with a touch of licorice root, which helps highlight and blend the sweet spice of ginger root. Ginger starts to emphasize the tingling texture of this fine pu’er, but on its own, it doesn’t push quite far enough. That is why we added a touch of Sichuan peppercorn to round out this tea and make it whole. Sichuan peppercorn has a uniquely numbing flavor that elevates this blend to a new level. Taken as a whole, no one flavor stands out above the others. They work together smoothly to emphasize everything warm and satisfying that we love about shu pu’er.

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    Gongfu Style Brewing
    Use 5g of tea for a 4-5oz gaiwan or yixing clay teapot. Pour boiling water into pot and immediately pour out into pitcher. Pour this rinse over the pot and cups used. Repeat rinse a second time. Steep for 2-4 seconds each infusion, and enjoy at least 8 infusions.

    Western Brewing
    Use 1T of tea per 8oz of water. Rinse leaves twice with 208 degree water. Steep for 2 minutes. Enjoy at least 3 infusions.

    Iced Tea (Cold Brewing – recommended)
    Use about 3 grams of tea for every 12oz of water.  Combine with room temperature water in a covered vessel and refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  Enjoy!

    Iced Tea (Flash Chilled)
    Use 1TB (5 grams) of tea in a 6-8oz vessel.  Rinse twice with boiling water.  Steep for 1 minute with filtered boiled water.  Fill a martini shaker (or equivalent) with ice, then add brewed tea and shake until well-chilled (usually 10-30 seconds). Pour out through martini-shaker top over fresh ice in a new glass and serve.

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