Tea Blend of the Month Club


In each Blend Club box you get...

30 brewing Sessions of Tea

You get an ounce of 3 unique and carefully constructed blends; our direct-sourced tea mixed with fine spices and herbs.

Careful Seasonal Pairings

Our blends use spices and herbs from across the world to challenge the palate and complement the season.

Unique and Exclusive Blends

Try blends before they are ever offered on our site as we push blending to new heights with rare and exotic botanicals.
Get first notice on the waiting list:
We will send you pre-notification
when more openings are scheduled
to become available.


You will not be charged until the 5th of the month, when your club box will be shipped.
Shipping confirmation is sent for each box. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES
“The beverage equivalent of trying Haagen Dazs for the first time
after only eating Breyers.”
– Serious Eats

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  • Exclusive offerings
  • Member-only Coupons
  • Ethically-sourced botanicals
  • Seasonal pairings


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Q&A for Tea Blend of the Month Club

What Makes Blend Club Unique?

We are farmer-first in our blending. The talented farmers growing our teas, and our herbs and spices put intensive care into their work. We blend to preserve the integrity of flavor our ingredients offer. This means no "flavorings," no cheap base teas, and no compromises. Our blends are sourced and constructed with the same intensity of ethics we apply to every looseleaf we offer. No other blends in the world use base teas of the quality we are able to obtain through the special relationships we have with our farmer friends in China.

What is normally included in the Blend Club?

Blend Club ships with tasting notes, brewing tips and resealable air-tight one ounce bags of three unique blends- enough for 30 brewing sessions each month. These blends are always a mix of fine caffeine-free herbals, and traditional blends with both tea and botanicals. The average value of each shipment is $18.75, plus shipping. Buying through the club saves you money on the tea, includes shipping cost, and gets you access to exclusive blends.

Are your teas organic or fair trade?

The small farmers we work with go far beyond industry organic standards, using innovative techniques to produce the best tea possible. Our teas are not commodities, they are hand-crafted products with individuals behind them who can set a fair price and take pride in their land and techniques. Our spices, herbs and flowers are almost always organic certified, and often wild-crafted in limited batches. We seek out the best, and seek to support ethics in farming across the world through our purchases.

How does shipping and payment work?

You enter your payment info at sign up with no immediate charge. Free trial months do not bill your credit card, ever. Full subscriptions bill on the 5th each month. You can update your credit card or change shipping address any time before your subscription bills each month.

When will I receive my tea?

Teas are shipped out on the day of billing, or the next business day if billing falls on a weekend. Tracking info is provided to ensure that your tea arrives at your door promptly. U.S. subscribers get free shipping!

Can you ship outside of the United States?

Yes we can. But please note that we must apply a $4.50 monthly surcharge for Canadian recipients, and an $8.50 monthly surcharge for memberships that require international shipping to any other countries. This covers a portion of the extra shipping cost.
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