The Verdant Tea Gift Set

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    Our apologies; this gift set is out of stock. Check back soon for a new gift set.

    Share the gift of tea with some of our most popular offerings, info on tea beautifully printed on linen paper and a convenient brew basket. . . .

    When you really love tea, there is nothing more joyful than sharing that love with others.  We have crafted a convenient, accessible and compelling gift set perfect for that purpose, structured around three incredibly unique and outstanding teas:

    The He Family’s Laoshan Green (1 oz): Fresh, hand-picked green tea from Laoshan Village with creamy notes of green bean in the aftertaste. Grows on the rocky mountain slope of Laoshan facing the ocean.
    The Bi Family Anxi Fo Shou Black (1 oz): Incredible new experimental tea using Fo Shou leaves traditionally cultivated in Wuyi to make a black tea with notes of Tieguanyin from Anxi’s soil.
    Wuyi Mountain Shui Jin Gui Oolong (1 oz): Rich, and commanding Wuyi oolong with notes of honey, orchid florals and caramel citrus aftertaste.

    Included with this generous selection is a convenient brew basket so that the teas can be steeped right. The basket leaves lots of room for the tea to expand, and does not interact with the flavor of the tea in any way. Made in Germany, these Finum baksets are heat-proof for boiling water, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe.

    Finally, we include a beautiful color info sheet on the basics of each tea with brewing tips and history, printed on fine linen paper, along with your personal gift message on our stationary. All teas are packed in our brand-new eco-friendly packaging and shipped directly to the recipient or to you. Gift messages and addresses can be added at checkout.

    With a retail value of $35, we are offering a special discount on this wonderful invitation to tea to make it even more accesible.

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