Xingyang Chrysanthemum Pu’er

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    holy basil
    No Longer Available

    This tea is no longer available and has been archived. There are no current plans to offer it again in the future.

    Our creative cold-weather take on a classic pu'er chrysanthemum pairing, enhanced with juniper, burdock, coriander and holy basil. . . .

    Chrysanthemum and pu’er are one of the most classic pairings at teahouses, and dim sum shops across China. Chrysanthemum is a perfectly bright, crisp and sweet balance to the earthy notes of pu’er. We thought it would be fun to take this classic and make it into a subtle, comforting and complex cold weather companion. This is the result of our blending experiments.

    We start with the perfectly smooth, thick sweet Xingyang 2007 Shu, and bring out its natural clean sparkle with chrysanthemum. Then we work to bind teh chrysanthemum more solidly with juniper berries playing off the warming / cooling sensation of the pu’er. Coriander, burdock and holy basil strengthen the natural depth of the tea without overwhelming the blend.

    Taken as a whole, this makes for great brewing in a gaiwan or in a big comforting mug. The sweet spice of coriander and burdock hit the tip of the tongue, then, the floral notes of chrysanthemum and holy basil linger in the back of the throat, making this a good soothing choice when you are under the weather.

    We hope that you enjoy the first winner of our direct sourcing vote as much as we have. Thanks for giving us your feedback to make this tea a reality.

    Ingredients: Xingyang 2007 Shu Pu’er, Burdock, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Holy Basil, Chrysanthemum

    Date of Picking:May 11th, 2007

    Location of Picking:Simao, Yunnan, China

    Using freshly-filtered boiling water, rinse two teaspoons of leaf in a gaiwan, or brew basket.  Steep for one minute in an eight ounce vessel.  Enjoy multiple infusions, increasing steep time by 20-30 seconds per infusion.  For larger vessel brewing, use 1tsp per 8oz water, and increase steep time to two minutes.

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