He Family Farm Tea Fields in Laoshan

Scenes from the He Family tea farm, Laoshan Mountain, tea fields and Laoshan Village from Verdant Tea’s Autumn 2012 tea sourcing trip.

Published on by David Duckler

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  1. Bonnie

    Wonderful to see where my favorite tea comes from! I’m afraid you’ll have to go back soon and take more pictures though!!!

  2. Nate

    Absolutely gorgeous landscapes! The rockiness of the soil can be tasted in their tea! The scene around their farm is reminiscent of some of the landscapes we saw on the edge of Yosemite National Park this summer. So great to put mental images to the taste and experience of their tea. Thanks David!

  3. Charlotte

    Beautiful landscape! It’s nice to see the family and farm that grows some of my favorite tea!

  4. James

    It’s pretty cool to see where the tea comes from. How often can you see what the farm that you are drinking tea actually looks like.

  5. Jodi

    Beautiful and Amazing! Thank you so much for bringing us closer to China!

  6. LC Aponte-Blizzard

    Oh, I’d really love to visit.

  7. JD

    Beautiful farm. Wish I could visit. Thanks for the video!

  8. Jim

    Wow, just beautiful

  9. Meghan

    I can’t believe I did not see this until today. It is incredible to see video of the farm – beautiful! Thank you for posting.

  10. Sarah

    Beautiful! I love seeing where the tea I drink came from.