How to Break Apart Pu’er

Learn how to break apart a disc (bing) or brick of pu’er using a pu’er pick or flat head screwdriver. Get tips on breaking apart the tea without snapping any leaves.



Published on by David Duckler

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  1. Charlotte

    This will come in handy when I finally which puerh tea I like enough to buy a whole cake of!

  2. Jennifer

    I see that my technique was wrong, perhaps now I can break it apart without breaking so many leaves…

  3. Joely (Azzrian) Smith

    Ah great video! I naturally gravitated to the back of my cakes for that very reason, saving the label as long as I could. This was very helpful to see you going from the side like you did and in a layer. Thank you.
    Also side note – love your wedding band, its very similar to my husbands!

  4. yssah

    is there a post/video about how to brew pu erh as well? (looks to the right) oh, video and article archives! (opens new windows)….whoa!!!! a treasure trove! haha…..

    would be cool to have a search box to find stuff easier tho ^^

  5. Sarah

    I need to watch this a few times. I have a cake that was gifted to me that I really want to try!

    • Nellie

      Sweet nice gift!

  6. Nellie

    This is cool thanx. I have never owned a pu’er cake! If I did have one I probably would be to afraid to use it, haha! It’s just to cool looking!