How to Brew Mrs. Li’s
Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea

Lifetime tea farmer, Mrs. Li, explains how to brew her Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea.

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Published on by Lily Duckler

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Posted Comments

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the great video! Embarrassingly, I used to cover ALL my teas when I brewed them. Now I know better. I love how Mrs. Li makes a point to mention it. It’s so important!

    • Nellie

      Hey same here, I always cover, oop’s! :( Now I know better, HaHa.

  2. Ryan Conaughty

    this is so good!

  3. LC Aponte-Blizzard

    I love listening to Chinese. Such a beautiful language. Love the video!

  4. frolic

    Can’t wait to try this out with my dragonwell when it comes. Thanks so much!

  5. S

    Cool! I can’t wait to try her tea. :)

  6. Sarah

    Looks delicious! I like the low stress brewing method.

  7. Nancy

    I am curious, with her method of brewing do you drain the tea leaves or leave them in the cup as you drink? Is there another step I am missing?

    • Lily Duckler

      Hello Nancy – with this method of brewing, the leaves just stay in your cup! After you drink the tea down, you can simply add more water to your glass throughout the day. The brew will become stronger and more intense, but it will not become intensly bitter or drying. If it becomes too strong, you can add more water. If it becomes too weak after many hours of drinking, Mrs. Li suggest starting again with fresh leaves.

      The leaves will continue to float and dance in your cup as you drink. I often blow the leaves out of my way before sipping, but sometimes I do end up eating a leaf or two. Luckily, Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell is very sweet to eat :)

  8. Mark

    OMG, she’s adorable.

  9. vtknitboy

    love it! but, at the price of her lovely tea, i wouldn’t throw it out if i oversteeped it! ;-) ordered 2 oz. can’t wait (heard it was mailed today). cheers! (you know i have like gobs of your teas in my cupboards!)