Wang Yanxin Brewing Yu Lu Yan Cha Black Tea

Wang Yanxin shows us how to brew her brand new kind of black tea using Xinyang leaf and Laoshan roasting. Learn more about this experimental new tea created through a partnership with Verdant.

Published on by David Duckler

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  1. Nate

    Cool to see how much she cools the water for the first rinsing…once the leaves are acquainted with the hot water it looks like she poured boiling straight on. Perhaps I’ll need to start cooling off my water a bit more than I do for that initial wash. Thanks for sharing this video David!

  2. Charlotte

    The first thing I thought was “Wow, that’s a huge pile of discarded leaves!” It’s cool to see how much she tosses the water back and forth to cool.

  3. vtknitboy

    was there any sound to this? thought my volume was broken… i do mine kinda like this! just not so sloppy! just got my tea today. will have some fun with it! how many infusions did she end up getting from this?

  4. Jodi

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us David. I have to admit I had to watch it more than once because I was distracted by her beautiful teaware.

  5. JD

    I’m going to have to try out this traditional brewing technique once I get a gaiwan.

  6. Meghan

    Such an interesting video…I was wondering why she was pouring the water back and forth, cooling it definitely makes sense! I doubt I could do this without burning my fingers, but it would be worth it I’ sure!