Verdant Tea Coupons & Deals

Looking to save on our loose leaf teas, tea samples, tea accessories and monthly tea subscription clubs? We’ve gathered together all of our current special deals and posted coupons together with every way you can save on your next Verdant Tea purchase.



Limited Time Offers: Current Time Sensitive Deals

These special offers, savings and tea deals are only available for a certain period of time or while supplies last.  Don’t wait to take advantage of today’s offers, instant savings or coupon codes.

Seasonal Holiday Tea Cash

Each holiday season, during Black Friday weekend and during the Spring Festival ( Chinese New Year ), we make it possible to earn special seasonal Tea Cash coupons.  Usually, purchases $60+ are eligible for earning between $10 and $25 in Tea Cash.

These unique coupons are included with your order, and are valid for between 1 month and 2 months.

Current Tea Cash vouchers expire on January 31st, 2015.



Every Day Deals

These deals and savings are available every day of the week!  Some offers are only available for first time customers, so check the details of each deal to find out how you can save.


NEW Lower Pricing on all Loose Leaf Tea

In November 2013, we were thrilled to debut new, lower prices on all of our loose leaf teas and tea blends.  Improvements in shipping methods, ending our wholesale tea program, and moving to more more efficient shared warehousing with lower costs means we can pass the savings on to you. Your favorite teas are now priced about 40% lower across the board, without paying our partner tea farmers even one cent less.


Every Day Free Shipping

US and Canadian customers can earn free shipping every day on orders $49 or more.

Otherwise, smaller US order ship for a flat rate of just $4.50, and smaller Canadian orders ship for a flat rate of just $8.50.


Five Teas for Five Dollars

This special deal is for new, first time customers only.

This deal includes free shipping for all US orders, for a total savings of just over 50%!

Remember, Five for Five boxes also include two unique, single use coupon codes:
- a coupon for $5 off you next order
- a coupon for $15 savings on your first three months of our Classic Tea of the Month Club


Tea of the Month Club

US customers enjoy free shipping on all Tea Club subscription boxes.  Canadian boxes ship at a flat rate of $8.50 and all other international orders at a flat rate of $11.50.

Each monthly Classic and Bundle subscription club boxes include a custom coupon for anywhere between $5 off your next order to 10% off to even unique unlimited-use $5 off coupon for the next month.



Easy Coupon Codes

Want to save a little extra with a coupon code?  Check here for any posted coupon codes, or learn about easy ways you can earn unique coupons, just for you!


Five Teas for Five Dollars

Our special Five Teas for Five Dollars deal is an easy way for new customers to get to know our collection and earn two more ways to save!  Each box includes two, unique coupons:
- a coupon for $5 off you next order
- a coupon for $15 savings on your first three months of our Classic Tea of the Month Club

Please note, Five for Five is only available to first time customers.


Tea of the Month Club

Each monthly Classic and Bundle subscription club boxes include a custom coupon for anywhere between $5 off your next order to 10% off to even unique unlimited-use $5 off coupon for the next month.