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Loose Leaf Tea: Direct-Sourced from Farm to Cup

Verdant Tea was founded with the goal of discovering the most unique and exquisite teas and sharing them with the world.  We work exclusively with small family-owned farms in remote regions of China, and support innovation and dedication to quality through sourcing only hand-crafted teas from bio-diverse gardens and wild forests.

For us, tea is more than a beverage.  It is an open invitation, a philosophy, and an experience.

The farmers that provide our teas work on the smallest scale, producing only enough tea to sell within their local villages.  They are excited for the chance to share what is so precious to them with the world, and provide us with the best of each season as a point of honor.  We are privileged to have earned their trust and friendship, and pay them well over market price, allowing our friends to expand their businesses and invest in their children’s futures.

If you’d like to join the growing list of esteemed businesses partnering with us,
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Verdant Tea Microbrewed Chai

Our chai is a playful alchemy of flavor, a completely different experience from anything else out there. Instead of defaulting to an uninspired and conventional broken leaf Indian black tea, we have turned to our small-production farmer friends in China who hand-pick and process each whole leaf. The respectful care they put into their tea gives our chai a rich and full body. We honor that care with micro-batch brewing and a balanced and subtle approach to thoughtfully blended herbs, including unconventional additions like goji berry, holy basil, saffron and whole vanilla bean. Finally, we partner with our local honey friends like The Beez Knees and Ames Farms for fine raw honey to meld all the wonderful flavors at work.

Interested in offering our chai at your restaurant or cafe or selling our chai concentrate at your grocery or specialty food store? Get in touch with us and join the growing list of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops serving our critically-acclaimed chai.


Verdant Tea Kombucha

We micro-brew our kombucha at our Minneapolis Tea House from our own loose leaf tea.  Designed be to refreshing with an undeniably great taste, our kombucha is inspired by the naturally complex flavor of fine tea, heightened and pushed further with careful brewing.  Currently available at our flagship Tasting Room & Tea Bar and on tap at the Seward Co-op.

Interested in learning more about our pilot kombucha program? Get in touch with us!