Verdant Tea

You Di Tian Mu Cup

You Di Tian Mu Cup


Crafted By Su Ji Workshop

These beautiful cups are hand glazed by two brothers in De Hua inspired to study both Tenmoku glazing techniques in Japan and ancient Song Dynasty Jian Zhan styles in Shui Ji. They named their kiln Su Ji, which means revival and remembrance. Each cup comes in a beautiful presentation box and bears the brothers" seal. These cups become more lustrous and deeper over years of use. Due to natural variation during firing, the beautiful patterns on each tea cup will all be slightly different.

  • Technical Specifications

    • apprx. capacity : 2 oz
    • diameter : 7 cm.
    • height : 3.8 cm.
    • base diameter : 2.5 cm.
    • made in : De Hua
    • kiln type : electric
    • hand made : yes

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