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Dian Cha Ceremony Set

Dian Cha Ceremony Set


Crafted By Su Ji Workshop

This incredible set has been meticulously handcrafted by two brothers in Dehua who studied both the Japanese Tenmoku tradition and the Song dynasty Jian Zhan tradition. This set is an invitation to a simpler tea ceremony- green leaves steeped in a dark bowl to show their color, and strained into each cup with the special ladle. Due to natural variation during firing, the beautiful patterns on each tea bowl and ladle will all be slightly different.

  • Technical Specifications

    • ladle length : 31.75 cm
    • ladle diameter : 6.35 cm
    • ladle base : 2.54 cm
    • apprx. ladle capacity : 2 oz.
    • saucer diameter : 8.9 cm.
    • saucer base diameter : 5.35 cm.
    • saucer height : 1.25 cm.
    • bowl diameter : 15.25 cm.
    • bowl base diameter : 5 cm.
    • bowl height : 8 cm.

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