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Cai Shao Shui Ji Jian Zhan Cup 01

Cai Shao Shui Ji Jian Zhan Cup 01


Crafted By Ji Yu Fang Lao Long Kiln

This gallery quality cup is a collectors" piece, fired at the Ji Yu Fang Lao Long Kiln by Master Xiong, following in the footsteps of Song Dynasty Jian Zhan art. Made from clay and glaze mixed from the earth of Shui Ji, this cup was wood fired in a traditional dragon kiln built to Song Dynasty specifications. About one in ten cups fired survive, and very few are released by Master Xiong. Includes wooden collectors" box & certificate signed by Master Xiong.

  • Technical Specifications

    • jian zhan glaze : rabbit"s fur
    • diameter : 7.5 cm.
    • height : 4.4 cm.
    • base diameter : 3.1 cm.
    • apprx. capacity : 2 oz
    • made in : Shui Ji
    • kiln : Ji Yu Fang Lao Long Kiln
    • firing style : traditional wood-fired kiln
    • hand made : yes
    • includes : signed artists" certificate

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