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Tasting Journal: 2017 Yunnan White Jasmine

Tasting Journal: 2017 Yunnan White Jasmine

Tasting Journal: 2017 Yunnan White Jasmine

the taste of spring time!

May 25, 2017

Every year, we look forward to tasting the new harvest of spring teas.

The pre-QingMing Yunnan White Jasmine sourced by Wang Yanxin is no exception!

This year’s spring harvest of this beautiful hand picked and traditionally scented white jasmine tea brings the taste of spring to our tea cups! Just as in year’s past, it is the craftsmanship of this tea that makes it so lovely – a careful union of locally-harvested Yunnan jasmine blossoms that delicately scent those big, beautiful white tea buds.

The 2017 harvest of Yunnan White Jasmine is clean and refreshing, teasing a tasting experience that is truly refined and lovely. This is a classy jasmine tea. The aroma of fresh spring jasmine tea is always deep and sensual, and this year’s aroma is decidedly sweet and candied – delicious jasmine and lilac, spun cotton candy and vanilla. Once brewed, the heady aromas of the wet leaf transform with notes of banana and minty pine supporting more bright jasmine and delicate spring blossoms.

In the cup, the aroma pulls back to reveal a brew that is refined and delicate, confident in both sweetness and subtlety. Early steepings are light and clean, with notes of soft cotton candy and sweet cream. A juicy, engaging aftertaste unfolds with each sip, and later brews bring in more vanilla, sweet coconut, light banana, and white lilac. Steepings build in brightness as a lovely vanilla citrus sweetness builds and lingers, transforming into delicate muscat and sweet lychee.  Others tasting with us zeroed in on honeysuckle, enjoying the slight cooling pine or mint in the aftertaste after several steepings.

The secret behind this tea is its traditional scenting. After the white buds are finished, the tea is allowed to dry with fresh local jasmine flowers and petals. After a night of scenting, the flowers are changed out once a day for seven days to absorb the full fragrance of the fresh flowers. After the final scenting, a few beautiful blossoms are left in with the leaves lending a bright pop of pretty orange-pink among the white buds.

All in all, this year’s harvest of Yunnan White Jasmine is a beautiful celebration of spring!


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