Verdant Tea

"Jing Wa" Yixing

"Jing Wa" Yixing

This fully handmade yixing tea pot is one-of-a-kind and available while supplies last

Crafted By Pan Yang

Pan Yang's work is all about elevating the most classical forms, drawing on ancient design and architecture and thinking of Yixing art as a dialog with the entire weight of tradition.

In this classically-inspired piece, Pan Yang is showing off an almost chocolatey luscious Yuan Kuang Lao Duan Ni clay and the way it catches the light along the rippling curves of the pot body.

This gallery-level piece is fit together with exquisite precision and will continue to grow more lustrous and beautiful over years of use.

  • Technical Specifications

    • clay : Yuan Kuang Lao Duan Ni
    • pot name : Jing Wa
    • weight : 233 g
    • apprx. capacity : 230 cc
    • apprx. pour time : 13.5 s
    • spout to handle : 14 cm
    • diameter : 11 cm
    • lid diameter : 6 cm
    • height : 6.75 cm
    • artist certificate : included


    Pan Yang, Nationally Ranked Master Craftsman

    Pan Yang was born in the Yixing county, Ding Shu Village in 1988. He graduated from The Wuxi College of Art and Craft in Jiangsu, and won a research fellowship to study under the top ranked Master Cao Yanping.

    Pan Yang quickly became known for his craft and artistic sensibilities, and continued to pursue research in hart and culture, gaining creative experience along the way. He has become known for drawing inspiration from historical forms, and incorporating their spirit into modern compositions to make them his own.

    Pan Yang has won praise and awards in Yixing for his handmade work, continually honing his craft to represent the weight of tradition with his own unique style.

    Recent Exhibitions and Awards:

    2014 “Zhu Gu Ti Lian, 3rd place, Hand Made Pottery Grand Prix

    2015 Published in Jiangsu Taoci Magazine

    2017 “Liu Fang Xiao Ying Hu” published in Arts and Science of Pottery Magazine

    2017 “Rui Zhu Hu,” Gold Medal, Yi Bo Cup, Jiangsu Fine Arts Competition

    2018 “Sha Si Fang Hu” Permanent Collection, China National Yixing Museum

    2019 Gold Medal, Beijing International Fine Arts Exhibition Da Di Prize

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