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Long Xue Sha "Xu Pian Hu"

Long Xue Sha "Xu Pian Hu"

This fully handmade yixing tea pot is one-of-a-kind and available while supplies last

Crafted By Zhu Huan

Award-winning artist Zhu Huan has built her reputation on the way she takes traditional forms and brings in modern organic elements, a feeling of grace and effortlessness to complement the inevitability of the geometry. 

This Xu Pian pot utilizes wide angles with subtle sloping flares, and iconic handles and spout, all while showing off the deep natural speckling of the stunning Yuan Kuang Long Xue Sha clay.

This teapot is ready for a lifetime of brewing to build up a deep warm patina and give back depth and texture to every tea.

  • Technical Specifications

    • clay : Yuan Kuang Long Xue Sha
    • pot name : Xu Pian Hu
    • weight : 183 g
    • apprx. capacity : 230 cc
    • apprx. pour time : 9.5 s
    • spout to handle : 13.25 cm
    • diameter : 8.75 cm
    • lid diameter : 4.25 cm
    • height : 7.25 cm
    • artist certificate : included


    Zhu Huan was born in China’s pottery capital, Yixing, in 1989.

    She graduated from The Wuxi College of Art and Craft in Jiangsu, and focused from the beginning on apprenticeships with the most highly regarded masters of Yixing craft, and won a research fellowship to study under the top ranked Master Cao Yanping.

    Over the course of this fellowship, Zhu Huan not only mastered ancient forms, but developed her own distinctive style, gaining praise from collectors and yixing experts.

    Recent Exhibitions and Awards:

    2018 “Gao Shi Piao”
    Gold Medal, 11th Chinese National Ceramics Art Exhibition

    2019 “Jin Gua Hu”
    Gold Medal 17th Annual Chinese Arts Exhibition
    “Wu Duo Jin Hua” Dalian Biennial

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