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"He Ye" Masterwork Yixing

"He Ye" Masterwork Yixing

This fully handmade yixing tea pot is one-of-a-kind and available while supplies last

Crafted By Lai Xiaohong

This is one of Lai Xiaohong's masterworks - the result of an incredible amount of planning and finishing to yield such fine detail.

While our pictures capture the stunning organic feeling sculpted into the pot body, they cannot capture how incredibly thin and light Lai Xiahong made this pot. It feels like holding porcelain!

Pieces like this one show off Lai Xiahong's skill and the beauty of the unique golden Duan Ni clay she uses. This incredible Huang Jin Duan Ni clay will continue to grow deeper with every use.

  • Technical Specifications

    • clay : Huang Jin Duan Ni
    • form : He Ye
    • weight : 95 g
    • apprx. capacity : 167 ml
    • apprx. pour time : 16 sec
    • spout to handle : 10.5 cm
    • diameter : 7.5 cm
    • lid opening : 4.5 cm
    • height : 8 cm
    • artist certificate : included

    This stunningly light and delicate piece features a spout and handle that seem to burst forth from the pot body. The lid and base evoke a lotus pod, itself a well-loved motif for beauty rising from humble mud. This imagery is particularly apt for this gorgeous hand made piece, lovingly sculpted and formed from the Huang Jin Duan Ni clay.


    Lai Xiaohong’s newest body of work is an intimate exploration of deep forests, inspired by studies of trees, of midnight vistas, secret streams, mossy logs, and still ponds. Lai Xiaohong’s work is brought to life by dynamic tension, and the Forest Series captures this spark – balancing the soft details of nature like tiny burls, the texture of moss or the shape of bark, with a striking sense of perfection. While yixing teapots inspired by nature can feel playful, Lai Xiaohong’s pieces go beyond play; they reach a sincerity that is closer to a tribute, a monument to secret spaces brought to the light.

    These meticulously hand-formed pieces are true masterworks, endowed with so much depth and detail that there is something new to find at every angle and every brewing session. Lai Xiaohong blended a special Huang Jin Duan clay that she especially excavated from mountain sites around Yixing. Lai Xiahong does not buy clay from factories because she wants complete control over her process, and the blending of her clay is part of building the final piece, the deep connection to nature that she can draw on as a sculptor when it comes time to shape the clay. This Huang Jin Duan clay is deep, rich and full of mottling that will build an incredible patina over time.

    Stunningly, Lai Xiahong builds these pieces incredibly thin. They are so light that they feel more like ideas and invitations into secret space than a physical tangible object.


    Lai Xiaohong


    Lai Xiaohong was born in 1979 in the pottery capital of the world, Yixing. She has been working with yixing pottery for many years. Lai Xiaohong was trained under the watchful eye of top recognized master craftswomen Jiang Feng, growing under her mentor's strict and intense feedback. Later, she trained under many other top masters, gaining a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the craft. 

    Over the years, Lai Xiaohong has developed her own unique style and identity in her clay pots. She works with a wide range of subjects, designing original pieces filled with meaning and deep subtext. Through her pieces, Lai Xiaohong seeks a modern aesthetic and culture for zisha yixing devotees. The result is outstanding and noteworthy.  Her work explores new forms and styles that look towards the goal of a strong aesthetic for Yixing that is, at the same time, gentle and full of grace, deep and expressive. 

    Lai Xiaohong has been part of many national and international exhibitions, and has received many honors and awards for her work in yixing.

    Recent Exhibitions and Awards:

    2009“Feng Ming” Jiangsu Arts “Yi Bo Cup” Competition Gold Medal

    2009Awarded the 11th Chinese National Art Masters Bronze Medal

    2011“Yi Li Zhu” Gold Medal at the Shanghai National Folk Art Exhibition

    2012“Zhou Pan” Gold Medal Art and Craft Exhibition

    2012“Shi Piao” Jiangsu “Hai Long Cup” Masterwork Grand Prix awarded first place

    2013“Zhu Yun” Tenth Chinese Arts Festival Shandong Gold Medal

    2013“Xi Shi” Gold Medal fro original concepts at Chinese Arts and Crafts Culture Exhibition

    2014Featured in China People’s Daily  Special Arts Edition

    2014Featured in Yixing Pottery Masters Yearly Edition

    2015The Seventeenth Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters Exhibition, awarded Original Concept Medal

    2015“Wei Miao” Awarded Gold Medal at the Seventeenth Chinese Arts and CRafts Masters Exhibition for traditional fine art

    2016Awarded the historic Bai Hua Honor at China’s 12th Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition

    2016“Yi Hua Yi Shijie” Gold medal at the “Da Di Cup”

    2016“Shan Zhu” Awarded at the 2016 Arts Exhibition Original Concept Gold Medal

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