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Wood + Resin Gongfu Tea Tools Set

Wood + Resin Gongfu Tea Tools Set


Crafted by Xiang Fu

This unique tea tool set shows off beautiful natural wood encased in resin. This wood and resin has a subtle piney aroma, bringing in a bit of the outdoors.  

If you are making the time for gongfu brewing, why not complete the set-up with a full set of tea tools to add that extra sense of ritual and fun to your daily tasting?

The set includes a funnel to help pour leaves into narrow teapots, a scoop for measuring, a pick to loosen leaves that might stick to a strainer, a tweezers for lifting teacups to rinse, and a mini-scoop for pushing tea leaves into a pot or measuring matcha.

Materials: Bamboo + Resin

Holder Dimensions: 10 cm x 6.5 cm

Weight: 200g

Includes: tea funnel, mini scoop spoon, tweezers, tea scoop, strainer pick, tea tool holder

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