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"Rippled Splendor" Glass Tea Pitcher

"Rippled Splendor" Glass Tea Pitcher


Crafted By Ming Xin Tang

Not all glass teaware is on the same level. This pitcher from Xiangfu shows off glass crafting technique with unusually lustrous and clear glass, perfect tempering, and beautiful curves thanks to the unique rippled design.

These curves are crafted to help your tea light up in the afternoon sun, showing off its stunning natural color, providing a sense of drama and anticipation as you pour into each cup.

Glass wares like this pair effortlessly with Yixing, celadon, Jian Zhan or porcelain, making them a great flexible addition to any gongfu set.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 123 g
    • Apprx. Capacity : 180 ml
    • height : 7 cm
    • diameter : 9.75 cm
    • material : tempered glass

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