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All Day Gongfu Set

All Day Gongfu Set


Simple Flexible Gongfu Basics

This every-day gongfu tea set includes everything you need to brew fine tea, all day long.

This complete set includes a white porcelain gaiwan, tea cups, a pitcher and strainer, and a compact bamboo tea tray.

The small gaiwan allows for many infusions of the same leaves, while the porcelain cups Qing Yuan Peng Hua studio in Dehua give a great aroma. The simple tea board is a place for first washes and discarded leaves when you want to keep brewing and trying new teas all day. The tempered glass pitcher and stainless steel strainer make it easy to brew for a group.

This affordable full gongfu set is designed to make it easy to take the leap into letting your fine teas shine through traditional brewing.

Porcelain, tempered glass, stainless steel, bamboo

Pitcher Capacity: 300 ml

Gaiwan Capacity: 100 ml

Cup Capacity: 45 ml

Board Dimensions: 21cm x 18.5cm x 6.5cm

Includes: gaiwan, (2) cups, strainer, pitcher, bamboo tea tray


The Xiangfu Workshop simple bamboo tea tray can be used either as a tea boat for modern gongfu style or as a small capacity tea tray.

Empty this board of all tea and leaves after use, and allow the board dry completely between sessions.

Do not leave wet overnight. Leaving boards wet for extended periods of time can cause wood to warp or crack, and standing water may become unhygienic.

Do not overfill the board or leave standing water on the tray for extended periods of time.

Hand wash with warm, soapy water and a gentle sponge, then air dry completely or wipe dry with a soft cloth.

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  1. Tea Strainer
    Tea Strainer
    This handy little tool opens a whole new world in tea brewing. A simple metal strainer is traditionally used in gongfu tea ceremony to catch leaves from your gaiwan or yixing clay teapot while pouring into a pitcher. It can also be used to catch leaves when you steep more improvisationally, allowing you to use two tempered glasses or even mugs for brewing tea.
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  1. Carved Seal Tea Boat
    Carved Seal Tea Boat
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  3. Green Ceramic Stand
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