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Aloeswood Tea Pairing Set

Aloeswood Tea Pairing Set


Created by Da Xin Tang,
this Tea Pairing stick incense set
includes five different aloeswood incense
to pair with each category of tea.

Each incense is blended in Taiwan specifically for pairing with tea ceremony, and includes different incense blends to pair with white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and pu’er.

Includes: 5 incense boxes / 8g (~70 sticks) each  / 14cm stick
Duration: approximately 25 minutes per stick


Try Da Xin Tang's special kit of five aloeswood blends created to pair with white tea, green tea, oolong, black tea and pu'er.

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  1. 2021 Spring Traditional Tieguanyin
    2021 Spring Traditional Tieguanyin
    Master Zhang excels at finishing his traditional Tieguanyin. He works to bring out the florals and strengthen them, allowing the green quality of the tea to shine through while providing a sweet and nuanced counterbalance through delicate roasting. This is the tea that Master Zhang grew up with and his greatest passion. The mist shaded mountain air and sweet spring water make this true Tieguanyin varietal tea even more nuanced.
  2. 1990 Aged Tieguanyin
    1990 Aged Tieguanyin
    This limited 1990 harvest of aged Tieguanyin stands out as unique from the others because the leaves were hand-processed by Master Zhang using traditional Oolong Revival style, where one end of leaf is slightly curled and the other is extended. Master Zhang describes the shape as a ‘dragonfly’. These leaves were turned and fluffed three times the normal standard for modern Tieguanyin. The result of this unique processing and the 25 years of age creates a deep shu pu’er-like earthy flavor most similar to the clean fermentation of Xingyang shu pu’ers. We have never tasted anything like this in an oolong. It has the foresty richness of shu pu’er but the sweet caramel aftertaste of oolong.
  3. Aged Old Tree Wuyi Gongfu Black
    Aged Old Tree Wuyi Gongfu Black

    Under careful airtight conditions, Wuyi teas that are particularly rich and packed with minerality can age into deeper, more complex teas. Li Xiangxi’s personal favorite is to use her old tree Wuyi Gongfu Black, picked from trees approaching one hundred years of age. The Old Tree Wuyi Black gains more foresty notes and deep cooling qualities on the palette that make it thrilling to sip. This is not a yearly release- this is a special must-try one-off from Li Xiangxi. Li Xiangxi has been aging this Old Tree Wuyi Black tea since 2015, and she kindly shared more than half of what is left of her personal reserve.

Green Tea Incense

This blend of Singapore and Vietnam aloeswood is masterfully balanced to evoke crisp vegetal flavor and make green tea taste sweeter and more full bodied. The smoke is immediately evocative of fresh bamboo shoot stir fried and served over rice, a local favorite served in Dragonwell Village, the cultural home of all things green tea. The crisp sweet aroma is accented with marigold florals a touch of grapefruit citrus and enough spice to bring out the natural mineral notes in a tea pairing.

Oolong Tea Incense

This pure vietnamese aloeswood blend is crafted as a bold statement on the complexity of oolong tea. Thick dark lotus florals meld seamlessly with pine notes, a touch of cinnamon spice and tart hibiscus. It takes an incense that spans fruit, floral, spice and savory to be an appropriate oolong pairing and this blend shines. Not only is it rich and aromatic, but it is thick and lingering in the back of the throat.

Black Tea Incense

This Vietnamese aloeswood blend is crafted to accentuate the thick fruity qualities in fine black tea. The aroma is full of lychee, banana and sweet thick savory undertones. This incense has the elegance to shine with a Jin Jun Mei, and the body to stand up to a Yunnan Black.

Pu'er Tea Incense

Pu’er is a warm, comforting journey through the forest, and this incense honors that cozy rich beauty that pu’er commands. This Vietnamese aloeswood blend smells like fresh baked, vanilla-heavy cookies and a touch of warm squash. This is meant to be enjoyed with a big cup of pu’er and a comfy chair at the end of the day.

White Tea Incense

White tea is all about texture, sweetness and aftertaste. This restrained and elegant blend is a perfect complement. It is sweet, perfectly silky smooth, cooling with notes of camphor in the back of the throat and rich like peanut butter cookies. It allows the crisp beauty of white tea to shine while providing rich texture to complement the experience.

  • "Lighting incense with tea is a reminder to enjoy with leisure. It is a connection to the idea of ritual, an evocation of nature, and a celebration of our connection to history.... "

About Da Xin Tang

Da Xin Tang was founded in 1916 in Taiwan as Bai Nian Chen and organically grew to establish their craft in Xiamen under the same family.

In addition to sourcing, blending, and producing incense, Da Xin Tang is also dedicated to preserving and cultivating the culture of incense through education.

Da Xin Tang is accredited to issue CETTIC certificates for Incense Ceremony Mastery and has established a school to train the next generation of leaders in incense culture.

The following is translated from Da Xin Tang's ethics and statement of philosophy:

Da Xin Tang Philosophy and Corporate Ethics


Ethical Business, Steadfast Devotion, Uncompromising Standards
Da Xin Tang has devoted itself to the highest level of quality, painstakingly seeking the best source material, holding ourselves to standards of purity and sustainability, conducting strict testing on all materials, and staunchly avoiding any chemical additives.

Morals in Business: Protecting the True Value of our Brand
Da Xin Tang is about an uncompromising drive towards self improvement towards perfection. We are in business to raise up everyone by doing the right thing.

Social Morals: Passing on China's Cultural Heritage
We are here to cultivate incense culture as a treasure of our national heritage. We are devoted to training the next generation of masters and inspire a resurgence of passion for our shared heritage.

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