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Your support is what makes it all possible. We are working with our partner farmers to show you how grateful we are this holiday season with all new premieres, fresh autumn harvests, huge holiday sales and a stunning new yixing and teaware collection launching Friday, November 29th.

Across our site, you’ll find the latest and greatest limited new releases from our partners across China, deep new holiday discounts daily, all new handmade yixing teapots, big savings on our CSA-style Tea Club, and the opportunity to earn tea cash bonus gift certificates on every purchase.

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11.29.19 Only

Save 20% on all Wuyi Teas!
including all new 2019 Wuyi teas
pressed oolong + white tea cakes
+ bonus 20% off aged Dancong
from Huang Ruiguang


11.30.19 Only

20% off all Anxi Oolongs!
Fresh Autumn Tieguanyin
Rare cultivar Autumn harvests
Revival Style Oolong Premiere
Limited Aged Oolong Savings


12.01.19 Only

20% off all Laoshan Teas!
Fresh Autumn harvests are here
Reserve Laoshan green and black
new Special Grade tasting kit
all while supplies last


12.02.19 Only

25% off all pu’er tea!
NEW 2019 Qianjiazhaiharvests
Single-tree, crassicolumna and more
fun new teas from Wang Yanxin
savings on Xingyang and more

11.29.19 – 12.02.19

Earn Tea Cash:
$10 for any $60+ order
$25 for any $100+ order
– 50% off Tea of the Month Club
PLUS tasting kits 20% off

11.29.19 – 12.02.19

20% off all tea ware!
Over 50 new Yixing teapots
all new tea boards and tea trays
New porcelain, celadon, and more
Save extra on tea sets



Jian Zhan artist and researcher Master Lin Xi set up the Taishou Jianlou Research Institute to study Han and Song dynasty tea culture and firing techniques. He is dedicated to reviving the lost ancient art of Jian Zhan through meticulous research, hand made glazing and clays personally excavated from Song Dynasty sites.

Unlike many studios, Lin Xi oversees every aspect of his work without help. He makes his own glazes, throws his own cups, and fires every batch personally.

This holiday season, we are thrilled to bring in a new collection of hand made teaware from Lin Xi, including incredible one-of-a-kind unique collector’s cups (while supplies last).

Shop the collection now>>





Lide Manzhaya
Tibetan Incense

Lide Manzhaya is the most modern workshop for incense production in Yunnan, devoted to continuing and refining traditional Tibetan craft, preserving ancient methods without using any chemical additives; pure, clean and natural. Suitable both for lighting as incense and drinking as an herbal tea infusion, Lide Manzhaya uses the quality of ancient tradition and the precision of modern science to push the boundaries on the craft.

The living Buddha Danzing Qunpei has distilled the essential techniques of Tibetan incense on the basis of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, and over many years put these formulas into practice through the recipes of Lide Manzhaya Incense.

Lida Manzhaya’s collection is available and on sale while supplies last!

Save on incense now through 12.02!

save 20% on Tasting Kits from 11/29 – 12/02 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

by our partner farmers

Every month one, of our tea partners across China is given complete control over selecting the latest and greatest, the freshest and most exciting teas they want to share.

December’s club will be curated by our partners in the Longjuan region of Anxi, the Liu Family. They will be filling your boxes with a variety of fresh autumn harvests alongside new, experimental teas!  Club members will be the first to take their latest new offerings and all-new experimental teas.

Join Now

Join during 11.29 – 12.02 and  save 50% on your first month.
Share the Tea Club as a gift, and get one month free for yourself!

2019 Big Red Robe

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Qilan

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Shui Jin Gui

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Old Tree Wuyi Gongfu Black

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Purple Buds Wuyi Black

This item is currently out of stock.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the Li Family’s Wuyi Oolong and black teas below or visit their homepage for more! >>>>

Learn more

Learn more about the Li Family
from their home page! >>>>


New 2019 Dancong
from Award Winning
Huang Rui Guang



2018 Mi Lan Xiang Dancong

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Mi Lan Black Tea

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 High Elevation Huang Zhi Xiang


2019 Autumn Tieguanyin


2019 Dark Roast Anxi Qilan

Quantity remaining: 8

2019 Special Grade Rou Gui Revival


Want to learn more?

Learn more about the craft of making Anxi oolong tea
from Zhang Rongde in the video interview below >>>
or check out his homepage for the full story!

Click to watch

2019 Autumn Laoshan Black


2019 Autumn Laoshan Green


2019 Laoshan Osmanthus Black Tea


2019 Autumn Laoshan Gongfu Black

This item is currently out of stock.

2019 Autumn Laoshan Green Oolong


2019 Autumn Laoshan Roasted Oolong


Qianjiazhai Sheng Pu’er 2019

New 2019 pressings premiere 12.01, including 300-800 year tree blends, tea flower cakes, individual dragon pearls, and single-origin single tree pressings from the 1300 year old tree at 24°16’13.6″N and 101°12’19.6″E


Qianjiazhai Shu Pu’er and Black Tea 2019

Explore the Dongsa Cooperative’s sun-dried black tea from ancient tea trees and small-batch fermented shu pu’er, including 2014 cakes and new loose leaf offeringsspecial sale 12.02


Qianjiazhai Crassicolumna 2019

Qianjiazhai is home to wild yabao, or camellia crassicolumna; the local wild trees are some of the oldest in theworld. Try the cooperative’s extremely limited 2019 harvest caffeine-free crassicolumna sheng, yabao, and black tea.

2007 Rose Shu Tuocha

This item is currently out of stock.

2011 Nuomi Xiang Shu Tuocha

This item is currently out of stock.

2013 Bingdao Gu Cha Yuan Sheng


2005 Yun Cha Tea Research Institute Shu Pu’er Cake

Quantity remaining: 4

Fo Xiang 2006 Wild Arbor Shu Pu’er

This item is currently out of stock.

2013 Heng Yi Banzhang Sheng Cake



Your support is an affirmation for our partner farmers who choose sustainable, biodiverse tea farming, and inspires the next generation to continue honing the craft to make the best tea in the world. You are helping lift up whole communities through the partnership of our shared bond of tea, a partnership building new workshops, new tea schools, and even whole new styles of tea year after year.

We couldn’t do it without you.

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