This holiday season, we visited our partner tea farmer Li Xiangxi and her family in Wuyishan.  The entire experience was inspiring beyond belief. The pristine beauty of Wuyi, the biodiversity of the valleys, the sweetness of the water, the deep devotion of the farmers like Li Xiangxi and her family – for us, tea has always been about connecting with places, people, and history, but Wuyi is a life affirming confirmation of everything there is to love about the humble camellia sinensis plant.

Ultimately, there is only so much that can be conveyed in text. The best way to understand is to taste the tea, and do so with the photos, videos and sounds of the place in mind, which is why we created this photo journal of some of our favorite moments on the journey.

Read about our experience, then try Li Xiangxi’s Wuyi Mountain tea for yourself.

cupoftea_630 wuyi-0015  wuyi-0173 pouringintogaiwan_630

Outside the Li’s family workshop above the Longchuan Gorge, wild tea bushes grow together with citrus trees and forests of bamboo and pine.

wuyi-0047  wuyi-0002 wuyi-0011

Wild tea bushes grow right out of the rocks, fed by deep natural springs higher up in the mountains.  Simple bamboo aqueducts bring the water downhill, providing good fresh water to the bushes, the Li’s vegetable gardens, and the workshop below.

wuyicinemagraphlessframes_630 wuyi-0107   wuyi-0080 wuyi-0112 wuyi-0081 wuyi-0038 wuyi_waterthroughteabush_315  wuyi-0004  wuyi-0087

A little farther down, we explored the Li Family’s cultivated fields of Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong tea and Rou Gui.  The camelia sinensis bushes were flowering, and their beautiful fragrance filled the air.

wuyi-0255 wuyi-0249 wuyi-0284  wuyi-0276 wuyi-0281 wuyi-0268 wuyi-0230 wuyi-0217