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2023 Laoshan Huai Flower Tea

2023 Laoshan Huai Flower Tea


Crafted By the He Family

Pioneers and community leaders, the He Family is dedicated to making a name for their stunningly smooth, malty, rich teas cultivated in China’s coldest, northernmost growing region.
This herbal tea is finished with flowers foraged from Laoshan Chinese Scholar Trees on the slopes of Laoshan, carefully hand-finished by the He Family with a technique similar to their reserve Laoshan green teas.
    • DATE OF PICKINGSpring 2023
    • Laoshan VillageShandong Province
    • ELEVATION500 M
    • Styphnolobium japonicumTea Varietal

    The Huai Flower of the Scholar's Tree grows wild across the slopes of Laoshan. The aromatic little flowers have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years for anti-inflammatory properties. The He Family has been wild-foraging and brewing Huai Hua for as long as they can remember, but this year again they decided to apply their meticulous tea processing to these unique flowers, including withering, heat fixing, curling and drying. The flowers oxidize very lightly during these processes, bringing out deep complexity and lingering sweet aftertaste.

  • true
    marigold, rose
    whole wheat bread
    tangerine, goji
    allspice, anise
    lingering, juicy, sweet

    Tasting Profile

    • floral - marigold, rose
    • savory - whole wheat bread
    • fruit - tangerine, goji
    • spice - allspice, anise
    • texture - lingering, juicy, sweet

The He Family also recommends:

  1. 2023 Reserve Laoshan Gongfu Black
    2023 Reserve Laoshan Gongfu Black

    True Competition-Level Black Tea from Laoshan. This is the earliest, sweetest, most delicate harvest of the year, meticulously hand-rolled and twisted in the style of high-end Wuyi tea. The "gongfu" finish brings out notes of nutmeg, brown sugar, and fine dark chocolate.

  2. 2023 Spring Laoshan Black
    2023 Spring Laoshan Black
    This relatively new tea is fed by sweet mountain spring water and oxidized in the sun for three days before finishing to bring out signature chocolate notes. Mr. He perfected this tea as a proud reflection of the bold Shandong spirit and the perseverance of Laoshan Village. Laoshan Black is a labor of love to prove to the world how wonderful teas from Northern China can be. The body is light and smooth, without astringency.
  3. Reserve Flat Pressed Laoshan Green
    Reserve Flat Pressed Laoshan Green

    This special hand picked, hand made tea was picked this year during the early shade-grown spring harvest in mid-April, with the He Family's greenhouse protection against the cold of Laoshan's unique northern climate. With the greenhouse protection still in place, the tea plants grow slowly for textural intensity and sweetness unique to shade-grown tea. The flat-pressing process that Mr. He uses to finish this fresh spring harvest is inspired by Dragonwell green tea. In fact, Laoshan tea was originally brought to the area from Dragonwell, so for this cultivar, flat-pressing is a return to its origins. The day-long labor-intensive process to finish this delicate tea makes for beautiful leaves to brew in glass. The flavor is lighter but the aroma and sweetness more pronounced with flat-pressing.

  • 'By putting all the cultural value that the word “tea” inspires behind just one species of plant, we are missing the opportunity to appreciate the craft, devotion and subtle taste experience of other plants. The cultural weight of the word tea should be awarded based not on plant species, but on craft. After all, it was the craft of tea that originally made it necessary to distinguish cha (茶) and tu (荼)'

  • 5
    20 seconds
    8 seconds
    room temp
    8 hours

    Steeping Instructions


    5 g.6-8
    use 175° watersteep 20 secondsresteep many times
    add 10 sec. each infusion


    5 g.6 ozuse 175° watersteep 8 seconds
    add 4 sec. per steeping
    enjoy many steepings


    5 g.12
    use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
    8 hours
    add ice & enjoy

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