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Discover True Single-Origin Tea

Discover True Single-Origin Tea

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This bundle includes six 25g bags of single-origin tea for 150g total (30 sessions). 

Six kinds of tea & Six passionate growers- these are the iconic classics that represent what we and our partner growers stand for: true sustainability, transparency, and the taste and aroma that come from the impeccable terroir and craft of the best growers in China.

This tasting kit combines teas from six of our partners, spanning growing regions across China and representing six different styles of tea including one green tea, one Wuyi oolong tea, one Anxi oolong tea, one Wudongshan Dancong black tea, one white tea, and one Yunnan sheng pu'er tea. Each tea is sourced directly from the people who grow and finish the teas themselves, for a representative and unblended taste of each family and craftperson's terroir and unique point of view.

Thank you for supporting Verdant Tea's project to connect tea lovers with the real people behind the teas we all love!

Taste Six Teas from Six Partners: 

Laoshan Pine Needle Green (25g)

This innovative tea is first carefully curled before being pulled straight - all by hand. The result is a delicate, nuanced, and flavorful brew that lasts through multiple steepings. He Qingqing loves the way the leaves dance in a glass pitcher for brewing and the way that the hand finishing shows off Laoshan’s delicate deep-green buds and leaves at a glance. This tea is fed by mountain spring water, picked by hand, and cultivated sustainably using traditional chemical-free farming techniques including growing rows of soybean between rows of tea to restore nitrates to the soil. The extreme northern climate means cold winters and short growing seasons, but the He Family perseveres, protecting their tea in greenhouses over the winter. The result is a deeply sweet and delicate green tea unlike any other in the world.

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Bai Rui Xiang Wuyi Oolong (25g)

The Bai Rui is the Winter Daphne, a flower native to China with an intensely sweet fruity aroma. This rich incense-forward varietial shares those heady perfumed overtones with its namesake, along with the rare and sought-after yun xiang, the cooling tingling sensation that build up in the back of the throat. The Li Family finishes their Bai Rui Xiang as a ‘reserve’ quality tea, using a meticulous twelve hour hand-firing to bring out deep complexity. The minerality of the family’s volcanic rocky mountainside plot comes through as a textural foundation for the spices to build on, resulting in a balanced, beautifully structured Wuyi Oolong.

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Traditional Tieguanyin (25g)

Master Zhang excels at finishing his traditional Tieguanyin. He works to bring out the florals and strengthen them, allowing the green quality of the tea to shine through while providing a sweet and nuanced counterbalance through delicate roasting. This is the tea that Master Zhang grew up with and his greatest passion. The mist shaded mountain air and sweet spring water make this true Tieguanyin varietal tea even more nuanced.

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Mi Lan Xiang Black Tea (25g)

Huang Ruiguang's family Mi Lan Dancong is picked only once a year from single trees that are not pruned back to encourage deeper roots & more robust flavor, year after year. His mountain plot and decades of work in improving agriculture techniques for the region have earned Huang Ruiguang's Mi Lan awards such as the recent 2015 Gold Medal at the Sixth Guangdong Tea Expo. This Mi Lan is allowed to naturally oxidize for over 24 hours before being carefully spread, baked and tumbled. The oxidation creates a deep rich black tea flavor, but Mi Lan varietal’s natural juicy floral honey flavor still comes through strong.Learn more about this tea >>

2021 Gu Hua Sheng Pu'er (25g)

Craft and terroir have come together beautifully for this 2021 early autumn harvest from Qianjiazhai's wild tea trees. The Dongsa Cooperative wild-forages buds and tender leaves from tea trees between one hundred and three hundred years of age for this loose sheng pu'er blend. Every hand-picked leaf is withered and sun-dried in bamboo baskets, with little or no heat exposure to lock in the most wild and natural flavor of one of the most remote growing regions in the world.

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Wild Bai Mu Dan White Tea (25g)

The Wu Family's oldest prized tea bushes growing among wild trees, flowers and bamboo are picked once in the extreme early spring for a bud-only harvest, and then allowed to build up nutrients until they are picked a second time when delicate leaves begin to unfurl. This second harvest of buds and leaves is what makes their fine Bai Mudan - full of the complexity that later season sunlight brings but the sweetness and texture of the early cold-weather buds.

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