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Chai Tea "Brew At Home" Starter Kit

Chai Tea "Brew At Home" Starter Kit

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This bundled "make your own" chai tea kit includes one 25g bag of chai spice and one 25g bag of loose leaf Laoshan Black tea base. 

Chai is often made with strong-brewed Assam black tea, but we find that malty, chocolatey, and flavorful black teas like Laoshan Black yield rich results. Blend and brew with our favorite chai spice mix, then finish with steamed milk and your favorite sweetener.

Once you hone in your chai brew, you’ll have the tools to go far beyond what you can find at your local coffee shop.

To make chai concentrate for quick and easy chai at home, boil 2 cups of filtered water and add 3 tablespoons of chai spice. Simmer for 30 minutes uncovered to reduce the liquid. Add 2 tablespoons of base tea and simmer for 4 minutes. Remove from heat, and allow to sit for eight minutes. Strain, and stir in two and a half tablespoons of honey.

Use immediately, or chill in the refrigerator. You can even freeze ice cubes of chai for spiced cocktails and mocktails!

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this bundled tea kit includes: 

AUBURN Chai Spice (25g)

This is chai spice after a fifth voyage around the world, having picked up inspiration at every stop along the way; finally world-weary and ready to set up as a hermit deep in a Hinoki Cypress forest and enjoy the balance it could only pick up with sixteen ingredients acting together in just the right way. Blended with organic cinnamon, ginger, black peppercorn, tulsi, dandelion root, cardamom, goji berry, fennel, elderberry, cacao nibs, burdock, galangal, clove, saffron, vanilla, and pure hinoki cypress oil.

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Autumn Laoshan Black (25g)

This relatively new tea is fed by sweet mountain spring water and oxidized in the sun for three days before finishing to bring out signature chocolate notes. Mr. He perfected this tea as a proud reflection of the bold Shandong spirit and the perseverance of Laoshan Village. Laoshan Black is a labor of love to prove to the world how wonderful teas from Northern China can be. The cold weather, and pure mountain springs come together for a microclimate that yields some of the sweetest and most chocolatey black tea in China with a unique and distinctly northern flavor.

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Laoshan Black Tea (25g)

The He Family’s Laoshan Black has become their most famous tea, earning them features in the US and Chinese news media for their innovative work. This tea is fed by Laoshan’s famously sweet mountain spring water and oxidized traditionally for three days before finishing to bring out rich chocolate notes. This year's spring was particularly cool with its start a full two weeks later than usual. Rich, full bodied and satisfying, Laoshan Black has become our benchmark for all other black teas.

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