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EMINENCE earl grey tea blend

EMINENCE earl grey tea blend


Blended by CHROMA tea

This herbal tea blend was created as part of the CHROMA tea blend project. A tea blend shouldn’t just taste like the sum of its parts - it should taste like itself. That’s why Chroma tea blends are named after colors. Each teas is blended to be your companion to a mood, a feeling, or a time of day.

Eminence is our Earl Grey tribute blend - taking the concept of black tea and bergamot and dialing it up to something legendary.

First, we use a wild-picked black tea from Qianjiazai, the oldest tea forest in the world. This tea already has citrus notes and cooling foresty complexity without bergamot. Then we add citrus peel and vanilla for depth. Finally, instead of bergamot oil, we turn to Yuzu instead, a close citrus relative that is even juicier and sweeter than bergamot.

Earl Grey style scented black tea blended with:

grapefruit peel, orange peel, yuzu oil, vanilla, and cornflower

Chroma Tea herbs are all organic certified, locally sourced whenever possible, with an emphasis on labor and environmental practices. The best tasting herbs are the ones produced in the healthiest way for you, the producer, and the planet.
Chroma Tea essential oils are naturally-extracted by small distillers from the finest botanicals.
Chroma Tea blends never use “flavoring” - either natural or artificial - and never use coloring. Tea blends should stand on their own merits and be allowed to express subtle natural notes. Chroma tea blends achieve this without flavoring shortcuts.

Recommend chai tea bases:

  • "Chai is often made with strong-brewed Assam black tea, but we find that malty, chocolatey, and flavorful black teas like Laoshan Black yield rich results. These base teas are paired with spices like cardamom and clove, then mixed with milk and sweetener like honey."

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