Verdant Tea

Coarse Sand Zhuni Shi Piao

Coarse Sand Zhuni Shi Piao


Crafted By Lai Xiaohong

Lai Xiaohong has access to an incredible cache of clay, and this pot delivers. This stunning course zhu ni clay is luscious and rich- ready to take on years of brewing for a deep patina. The traditional shi piao form is executed with grace and balance. The spout is wide enough for an impressively fast pour. The subtle calligraphy looks as fluid carved in clay as it would painted with a brush.

  • Technical Specifications

    • clay : Zhu Ni
    • capacity : 250ml
    • spout to handle : 13 cm
    • height : 8 cm
    • width : 10 cm
    • lid diameter : 6.5 cm

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