Verdant Tea

Awakening Sandalwood Coils

Awakening Sandalwood Coils


Created by Da Xin Tang,
this Awakening coil incense
is made with Sandalwood Heartwood.

This coil is blended in Taiwan with Indonesian sandalwood heartwood
for a beautiful and meditative incense.

Awakening’s aroma is fresh, crisp and full of pine, with the deep sandalwood aroma that we associate with Buddhist temples and meditation ceremony. This association makes it perfect for tea ceremony, especially in large spaces or outdoors and in the forest..

Da Xin Tang describes this tea as having a “creamy and sweet” aroma, best suited for purifying the air, relieving anxiety, and creating a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Includes: 24 coils
Duration: approximately 2 hours

Ingredients: Indonesian sandalwood heartwood

  • "Lighting incense with tea is a reminder to enjoy with leisure. It is a connection to the idea of ritual, an evocation of nature, and a celebration of our connection to history.... "

About Da Xin Tang

Da Xin Tang was founded in 1916 in Taiwan as Bai Nian Chen, and organically grew to establish their craft in Xiamen under the same family. In addition to sourcing, blending, and producing incense, Da Xin Tang is also dedicated to preserving and cultivating the culture of incense through education. Da Xin Tang is accredited to issue CETTIC certificates for Incense Ceremony Mastery and has established a school to train the next generation of leaders in incense culture.

The following is translated from Da Xin Tang’s ethics and statement of philosophy.

Da Xin Tang Philosophy and Corporate Ethics

Ethical Business, Steadfast Devotion, Uncompromising Standards
Da Xin Tang has devoted itself to the highest level of quality, painstakingly seeking the best source material, holding ourselves to standards of purity and sustainability, conducting strict testing on all materials, and staunchly avoiding any chemical additives.

Morals in Business: Protecting the True Value of our Brand
Da Xin Tang is about an uncompromising drive towards self improvement towards perfection. We are in business to raise up everyone by doing the right thing.

Social Morals: Passing on China's Cultural Heritage
We are here to cultivate incense culture as a treasure of our national heritage. We are devoted to training the next generation of masters and inspire a resurgence of passion for our shared heritage 

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