Verdant Tea

Banded Porcelain Cup

Banded Porcelain Cup

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Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

This thin and fine porcelain gaiwan is a pleasure to hold and use as light makes it almost glow translucent. The artists of the De Hua Peng Yuan Studio have sculpted a graceful flared shape for this teacup, adorned only with a single banded line of contrast to draw even more attention to the warmth and luster of the porcelain itself. This cup is high-fired to reflect a true sense of the aroma of the tea.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand painted : yes
    • Apprx. Capacity : 40 ml
    • height : 4.5 cm
    • diameter : 5.5 cm
    • origin : de hua
    • material : porcelain

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