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Deer Gaiwan

Deer Gaiwan


Crafted By Deer Gaiwan

This unique gaiwan features an inlaid golden deer in a colorful pond to adorn the unique red and white glazing. The mix of wood and porcelain with metal inlay is a reflection of the innovative spirit of Dehua, one China’s oldest porcelain capitals. The exaggerated saucer is a a distinctive touch, large enough to catch drips in modern gongfu tea. NOTE that while this gaiwan required hand finishing work, the inlay and decorative color is NOT hand painted, a choice of the workshop’s to make this a surprisingly affordable piece for such a unique design.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand painted : no
    • Apprx. Capacity : 135 cc
    • height : 9.5 cm
    • bowl diameter : 9 cm
    • saucer diameter : 15 cm
    • cover diameter : 7.5 cm
    • weight : 519g
    • origin : de hua

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