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Discover True Single-Origin Tea

Discover True Single-Origin Tea

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This bundle includes six 25g bags of single-origin tea for 150g total (30 sessions).

Six kinds of tea & six passionate growers- these are the iconic classics that represent what we and our partner growers stand for: true sustainability, transparency, and the taste and aroma that come from the impeccable terroir and craft of the best growers in China.

This tasting kit combines teas from five of our partners, spanning growing regions across China and representing six different styles of tea including one green tea, one Wuyi oolong tea, one Anxi oolong teas, one black ta from Wudongshan, one sheng pu'er, and one white tea. Each tea is sourced directly from the people who grow and finish the teas themselves, for a representative and unblended taste of each family and craftperson's terroir and unique point of view.

Thank you for supporting Verdant Tea's project to connect tea lovers with the real people behind the teas we all love!

Taste Six Teas from Six Partners: 

2020 Spring Laoshan Green (25g)
sourced from the He Family in Laoshan

Laoshan Green was the first tea produced at Taiqing temple by the Taoist monks of Laoshan. The plants were originally brought to the region from Dragonwell, and slowly allowed to adapt to the unique cold ocean climate of the area. The He Family’s Laoshan Green is fed by mountain spring water, picked by hand, and cultivated sustainably using traditional chemical-free farming techniques. The result is rich, fresh flavor full of Laoshan's famous sweet vegetal-savory soy bean flavor aroma.

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Shui Xian Oolong (25g)
sourced from the Li Family in Wuyishan

Li Xiangxi's family has been hand picking and processing tea for generations. Their tea is fed from a mountain spring, with plants between ten and one hundred years old, all grown traditionally without fertilizers or pesticides and picked by hand by the family. This Shui Xian varietal picking really shines with the Li Family's delicate charcoal roasting process to bring out the deep complex forest notes and minerality that make Shui Xian so famous.

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Yun Xiang Tieguanyin (25g)
sourced from Master Zhang in Daping

Yun is a complex concept. While it can be literally translated as “charm," the yun of a tea is more than simple appeal – yun is what makes the tea powerful and lingering beyond the common concept of aftertaste. Only the finest teas have a perceptible quality that would be described by professional Chinese tasters as yun. While there is no complete agreement on how to put "yun" into words, we notice a light cooling sensation and a tingling almost electrical texture on teas that have yun. This feeling builds up with every sip, making subsequent steepings more and more commanding. Master Zhang creates this through careful charcoal roasting over several long sessions and many days, relying on his experience and senses to get the finish perfectly right.

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Mi Lan Black Tea (25g)
sourced from the Huang Ruiguang in Wudongshan

Ya Shi is infamous for its name- which translates to "Duck Droppings." The story is that this varietal was so delicious and so scarce that the locals wanted to think of a name that would stop anyone from trying the tea to keep the secret for themselves. Naming aside, Huang Ruiguang's family Ya Shi Dancong is picked once a year from well-situated mature stock in the famous Wudong Shan region, and brews with a startlingly consistent ginseng-dominant focus and intense sweetness.

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2020 Zun Sheng Pu’er Dragon Pearls (25g)
sourced from the Zhenyuan Dongsa Cooperative in Qianjiazhai

Zun, a designation chosen by the cooperative, means ‘reverence’ of the ancient Qianjiazhai tea trees themselves, an awareness of the human collaboration with a living tree that has existed for generations before us and hopefully will continue to exist for generations after us. The Zun series pressings use the first early spring growth from only the old-growth (500-1000 year) wild trees above the Li Family’s home high in the mountains, and accessible only on foot. The wild nature of this tea’s provenance come through as a flavor texture and aroma experience that is both reverent of its source, and worthy of reverence for its commanding beauty, full of honey and dried apricot with a hint of wild mountain tulsi, and intense textural depth.

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2020 Shou Mei (25g)
sourced from The Wu Family in Wuyancun

The Wu Family's Shou Mei is picked from mature wild-arbor Da Bai varietal tea bushes on their high-elevation biodiverse plot. Their generously downy Shou Mei is a combination of young leaves and buds. This year's 2020 harvest has a generous amount of small fuzzy buds alongside the mature late spring leaves, brewing up extremely balanced and deliciously easy to sip all afternoon.

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